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Great Expectations

Creekview Elementary School is proud to be a Great Expectations (GE) Model School.  We earned this prestigious designation after implementing the GE program in 2015 when we first opened our doors to students in the Creekview community.  This teaching/training model is guided by six principles that have been integrated into our curriculum.  These principles include the following: high expectations for students, positive attitudes among teachers, believing that all children can learn, building self-esteem among students, creating a climate of mutual respect, and ensuring teachers are knowledgeable and skillful in learning theory and teaching methods. 

GE is not only a professional development program that provides teachers and administrators with the skills needed to generate excitement in a learning environment, but it also inspires students to pursue academic excellence and encourages teachers to enrich classroom experiences.  Creekview Elementary has been transformed by the GE program.  We have seen an overwhelmingly positive impact on our students, staff, and our Creekview families.  Most importantly, we appreciate the support of our district leadership and we look forward to another successful year as a GE Model School.