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  Creekview Elementary is such a wonderful place for your children to learn and grow!

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I cannot believe our school year is actually over!! As I put the finishing touches on prepping my classroom for summer, it seems so lonely and empty without my students!!  I miss them already!  We truly had an amazing year!  Thank you for sharing your children with me.  They are all so precious and I feel so blessed to have gotten to know them!!  You have all done an amazing job raising them to this point!  You're halfway there!!!
We will all be refreshed and ready for next year after some summer free time and fun!  Cherish and enjoy this summer with them.  Before you know it, next school year will be here!!

Outgoing email issues

FYI....We are currently experiencing an issue sending Outbound emails to anyone outside Tomball ISD whom uses Office 365 as their email provider.  As far as we know, all other Outbound emails are going through with no problems.  TISD technology department is working with Microsoft and Office 365 to resolve the issue.  Thank you for your patience.  If you are an Office 365 user, please request a phone call response if you have not heard back from me :)

Crayons or Markers to spare?

One of our teachers here at CES has an older daughter who is working on a Girl Scout Silver Award.  As a part of her effort, she is collecting markers and crayons to recycle in a bin in the office at the front of the school.  If you have any extras, here is your opportunity to clean out and start fresh next year!!

Field Day Tomorrow!!

Field Day is tomorrow!!  We will follow an ammended schedule for academics in the morning hours.  After we have lunch, our field day fun will begin!  4th  grade will begin the events at 1 pm. Field Day will last until 3:10. 
Please have your student wear sunscreen tomorrow and pre-hydrate by drinking plenty of water this evening.  They will also benefit from bringing a water bottle to carry around to our stations.  Students are allowed to wear hats! They will be changing into their homeroom Field Day t-shirts once they get to school.  We have a list of the sizes ordered and will distribute the shirts as ordered. This year there are events that involve some water and students will likely get wet.  I am asking the students to wear any shirt within dress code and bring a change of shorts, socks and underwear as they can just change back into the original shirt they wore once the field day events are over.  They will also need a towel to dry off with in order to change.  I suggest sending everything in a grocery type bag or other bag that you don't mind soaking up some water. 
Miss Khoobiar's homeroom will have a substitute teacher who is very familiar with our campus policies and procedures.  However, any class with a sub will not be dismissing students to parents with tickets after the event.  Parents who wish to take their children home will need to go to the front desk and call for them in the classroom through our standard CES everyday procedure for checking out early.  
Looking forward to a fun day tomorrow!!

I have a favor to ask for Ms. Schultz in our cafeteria.  She needs a lunch count for Field Day.  It will be next Friday in the afternoon for our 4th graders.from 1pm to 3:10, so our lunch will happen right before the big event!  
All I need from you is a reply sometime, preferably before the end of the day tomorrow, as to whether or not your student will want a sack lunch from the cafeteria on Field Day.  
They didn't say exactly what it will consist of, but I do know they moved the pizza day to Thursday next week.  I also know that the sack lunches for field trips are usually a sandwich and some fruit and a drink. (maybe some chips or cheeze its or something, but I am really not positive...)
Thank you!
Speaking of thanks, I want to thank all of you for your generous support of Teacher Appreciation Week.  Your thoughtful flowers, snacks and other gifts and especially the notes your children wrote overwhelmed me completely!!  I feel so blessed to be your child's teacher and although I do look forward to family free time this summer, I am starting to feel the bittersweet feeling of our days together coming to a close.  We have something like 14 days of school left and we plan to make the most of it all!!  
Please try to ensure that your student gets some good healthy nutrition, some time playing outdoors and some excellent rest this weekend as we take the STAAR tests on Monday and Tuesday and I know they are going to SHINE!  I love that quote that goes around on social media this time of year about how these tests do not define any child and how there is so much more to them than one test, one day!  You have the most wonderful children and should be so proud!  I know I am!!  One of them asked me if I was going to cry on the last day, and I answered very honestly.  100% YES! I am already teary eyed just thinking about it!!  I am so glad we are a campus that goes up to fifth grade so I can see them next year!  
I've gone on long enough!  Have a wonderful evening and please do let me know about lunch next Friday for Field Day. 

Rodeo Run!!

Don't forget the Rodeo Run takes place tomorrow during specials!!!  Wear tennis shoes!!!

Week of April 2

The past week was a wonderful week of Camp Write-Along, where the learning environment was transformed for our students and the schedule of our days were just different enough to encourage our students to stay motivated to improve their writing skills!  A HUGE THANKS to the parent volunteers for giving so much of their time, donations and energy to help us make the camp truly exciting for our children!
Next week in Math, we will wrap up our geometry unit with a unit test on Tuesday or Wednesday and begin a new unit on data analysis.  In Science, we will embark on our study of changes to the the earth's surface.
  • Rodeo Run t-shirt orders are due next week.  The form was in last week's Wednesday folder.  The Rodeo Run and Country Fair will be here before we know it!
  • As seen in my previous post, the Book Fair is next week. It will be a great opportunity to stock up on summer reading! 
  • Next week is also our final push towards our goal of raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Send that loose change and any other donations you feel compelled before the end of the week! Thanks to those who have donated already.
Have a wonderful extended weekend with your families!!! Happy Easter!

Today we launched our Pennies for Patients fundraiser for the LLS.  I sent home the boxes for collection, but wanted to send the paper in the Wednesday folder.  Basically, your child can set up an online page to raise funds for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society to help local patients.  The flyer explains how to do so.  
  • Visit:
  • search for your child's school (Creekview Elementary or CES) by entering school name, city and state and clicking FIND
  • select our school from the search results
  • select "join classroom team"
  • create a new account, or if you have ever had a fundraising page for LLS, sign in with your username and passcode
  • create you child's online fundraising page
  • once created, share link to your child's page through email or social media

Week of March 19

This week we will be refreshing our memories about what we were learning before the break and building upon those concepts.  We are in our geometry unit in math and will be looking more in depth at weather in science. 
On Wednesday, our students will benefit from building stamina during a mock writing STAAR experience.  On Thursday, they will take the math spring benchmark.  This two day testing experience will give the students a realistic way to self assess how their stamina is building up to being the best they can be on STAAR testing day this year!
Next week will be so much fun for the students as we host our third annual Camp Wrtie-Along!  It is sure to be an exciting time of learning before having Good Friday off leading into Easter weekend. 

Hi Parents!

In fourth grade, we are working hard to prepare our students for the Writing STAAR Test (April 10th). As part of our preparation, we will be transforming our classrooms next week into Camp Write-Along! March 27-29th, fourth graders will be participating in writing camp during the school day, and we need your help to make this a fun, memorable experience for our students.

There are two different opportunities for you to help out! The first way is to donate consumable items (snacks, etc) or items for decorations (that will be returned to you after Easter Break). The second way is to volunteer your time, energy, and creativity to make decorations and set up our classrooms so that they are transformed into a camping experience.

Link to view of what camp looked like last year:

If you are willing to help, please use the Sign-Up Genius links below.

Volunteer Sign-Up:

Donation Sign-Up:

Thanks, and Happy Writing!

The Fourth Grade Team

Week of February 26

This week in Math, we will wrap up Unit 5 and take a district common assessment by Thursday.  Unit 5 was all about customary and metric measurement and conversion ( weight, capacity, length, mass) as well as money and time, and area and perimeter.   We are looking forward to starting Geometry by the end of the week.  
In Science, we are wrapping up our study of Earth's Resources and looking towards weather and the water cycle.  
Don't forget that it is READ Across America Week and the link to what to wear to participate in the celebration at Creekview is in my previous post.  
Our room mom is still collecting donations for the country fair basket for our grade level.  Country Fair is always a fun event!
As a side note, if you are a car rider family or a walker biker family and send your child to school without eating breakfast at home, could you please do us the favor of making it your aim to have your student arrive to school by 8:15?  It is very hard for students to get served and finish breakfast if they arrive much later than that. We know that bus riding students cannot control their arrival time, but those students tend to have plenty of time to eat in the morning.  Thank you for your kind consideration regarding helping us get your student ready to learn on time!!
Hope you had a great start to your week!! 

Read Across America Celebration Week!

Let's have a little fun next week as we celebrate "Read Across America" week!
Beginning on Tuesday, we will have "Sleepy Tuesday" and wear our comfy pjs.
On Wednesday, we will have "Wacky Hair Wednesday".  On Thursday, we will have "Thing One and Thing Two Thursday"...grab a friend and dress as a twin. Friday will be "Read Across America Day" and you can dress up as your favorite book character. 

Week of February 5

Happy Monday!! 
This week we will continue to study measurement in Math.  We are moving on to the metric system, which tends to be a little easier for the kids because of the nice friendly tens.  We will take a checkpoint mid-week and review what is needed for a test late this week or early next week.  In Science, we are still studying earth's resources. 
Our power hour of intervention and enrichment is in full swing the last hour of our day.  It is helpful if all students have headphones to use when they watch instructional videos that are a vital part of these lessons.  If your student doesn't have headphones, please send some in a labeled ziploc bag.  Also, as you can imagine, all kinds of germs are going around right now, so please be mindful of your student's nutrition, hydration and rest even more than usual.  We want to keep everyone healthy!! 
Upcoming Dates:
Writing benchmark is split into two days this week, Tuesday and Thursday. 
Friday is Career Day.  Students will enjoy sessions with local professionals for a a part of our day. 
Valentine's Day parties are at the end of our day on February 14. As planned by our admin and PTO, room moms are the only parents requested to be in attendance-- to keep things more low key while still recognizing this fun holiday for students. 
Spring Pictures are on February 15
You all have a four day weekend February 16-19.