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  Creekview Elementary is such a wonderful place for your children to learn and grow! I can hardly believe that 2018 has arrived and we are ushering in our second half of fourth grade already!

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Read Across America Celebration Week!

Let's have a little fun next week as we celebrate "Read Across America" week!
Beginning on Tuesday, we will have "Sleepy Tuesday" and wear our comfy pjs.
On Wednesday, we will have "Wacky Hair Wednesday".  On Thursday, we will have "Thing One and Thing Two Thursday"...grab a friend and dress as a twin. Friday will be "Read Across America Day" and you can dress up as your favorite book character. 

Week of February 5

Happy Monday!! 
This week we will continue to study measurement in Math.  We are moving on to the metric system, which tends to be a little easier for the kids because of the nice friendly tens.  We will take a checkpoint mid-week and review what is needed for a test late this week or early next week.  In Science, we are still studying earth's resources. 
Our power hour of intervention and enrichment is in full swing the last hour of our day.  It is helpful if all students have headphones to use when they watch instructional videos that are a vital part of these lessons.  If your student doesn't have headphones, please send some in a labeled ziploc bag.  Also, as you can imagine, all kinds of germs are going around right now, so please be mindful of your student's nutrition, hydration and rest even more than usual.  We want to keep everyone healthy!! 
Upcoming Dates:
Writing benchmark is split into two days this week, Tuesday and Thursday. 
Friday is Career Day.  Students will enjoy sessions with local professionals for a a part of our day. 
Valentine's Day parties are at the end of our day on February 14. As planned by our admin and PTO, room moms are the only parents requested to be in attendance-- to keep things more low key while still recognizing this fun holiday for students. 
Spring Pictures are on February 15
You all have a four day weekend February 16-19.  

Week of January 29- February 2

We have certainly jumped right into our second semester of fourth grade with no delays!  Our extra time off has made January seem to fly by!!  In Math, we concluded our unit on fractions last week.  We are now entering a unit on measurement.  We will cover length, capacity and weight in both the customary and metric systems.  Our focus will be on identifying relative sizes and converting between units of measurement.  In Science, we will be exploring soil, weathering and erosion.  
Upcoming dates:
We are still in the middle of the Tomball Reads one book campaign, reading The One and Only Ivan.
Birthday Book Club is in the library this Friday morning from 8:09-8:29. (or 8:10-8:30 if they don't account for the extra minute!)
Valentine's Day Party information is forthcoming for February 14th.(I don't know any details yet, but we do have 18 students in our homeroom and 19 in Khoobiar's)
Spring Pictures will be February 15.   
We have no school on February 16 or 19--a four day weekend coming up this month!

Welcome Back!! (January 10, 11,&12)

It is my hope that all of you enjoyed making some special memories with your families and friends this holiday season. I would like to welcome you all back and share with you what this week has in store for us!  
We will briefly review all that we learned prior to the break about fractions.  We will look at basic fraction vocabulary, comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions and looking at fractions on a number line. We will then move on to exploration of other fraction concepts such as identifying ways that fractions can be decomposed, modeled and represented.  Students will be solving single step problems involving adding and subtracting fractions. Later in the unit, we will be solving multi-step and more complex word problems with fraction models.  The unit test will be at the end of next week on Friday the 19th if all goes according to plan as we re-assimilate to learning!
Looking forward to starting the year off in the best way by reaching and striving for our goals for growth together!
Looking ahead: 
Monday the 15th is the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday which we are observing this year.  So we start 2018 off gradually.  We will have had a 3 day week this week, building to a 4 day week next week before we have a full 5 day week the 22nd-26th!

Field Trip



We leave on our field trip to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum tomorrow morning right after Rise and Shine. I have a few reminders to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible tomorrow.



  • Be on time to school! We are leaving right after Rise and Shine.
  • Bring your lunch (including a drink)! We will be eating at the museum. You are responsible for carrying your lunch.You may bring a backpack in which to carry your lunch, but don't bring all of your other school supplies.  I recommend cleaning it out.
  • Please no cameras or cell phones. The teachers will be taking pictures, and we will share with everyone!
  • Wear:
    • Creekview or red shirt, perhaps layered with something underneath to keep warm.
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Jacket - most of our trip will be spent outside, and the forecast is cold!

We also have learning goals for our students, so that the day will not only be fun, but be educationally valuable as well.


Learning Goals:

  • I can describe how Sam Houston was important to the founding of Texas.
  • I can describe aspects of everyday life in the 1800s.
  • I can observe and listen attentively.
  • I can ask relevant questions of experts (when appropriate) in order to gain better understanding.

We will be leaving the museum in Huntsville after lunch, so we should be back at Creekview around 2:00.


Thanks for helping to make this a great trip! Let me know if you have any questions!


Week of December 11

This week in math, we will be finishing our unit on Algebra with an assessment on Tuesday.  We will then begin our study of fractions which will continue even after the Christmas break. Our fact fluency this week will be both multiplication and division mixed facts.  Please continue to play games and review the facts with your students.   In Science we will wrap up our study of energy by the end of the week. Our field trip to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville is on Friday!!  Please send in the pink permission form if you have not already done so.  I apologize for the late update as you are accustomed to receiving it on Sunday evening.  The website was experiencing problems. 
The front office has requested that if you are missing any items (jackets, water bottles, etc..) to please check our lost and found as we are about to have the mid-year clean out and donate items left behind too long!  Thanks! 

Week of December 4

In Math we will continue our unit on Algebra.  We will be learning more about equations and expressions.  We will combine words and numbers to solve problems with mulitple steps involving variables.  Reading for understanding becomes even more important as we pursue a solid foundation in algebraic problem solving.  We will be reiterating the importance of checking our work for reasonableness using estimation and all four of the operations we have worked with so far this year. Input/output tables will again be a part of our week. Our fact fluency check on Friday will be mixed division facts with 3s, 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s and 9s. Please review the facts all week at home realizing that quick recall on the basic facts will help your student in all that we do the rest of our year in math and in your child's future math endeavors. In Science we will continue our unit on Electricity and Sound energy.  Our Fall CBA for Science will be on Wednesday.  It is to be over the things we have learned so far this year in science, and the students have prepared all along our way. 
Important Creekview News:
Custodian Appreciation Day is Wednesday, December 6. 
PTO Meeting on December 8 from 9:30-10:30 in the extra music room.

Tomball ISD is participating in the Speak Up national research project. Speak Up is a survey designed to help students, parents, educators, and community members share their ideas directly with schools and national policymakers. The brief online survey is open to students, educators, parents, and community members through January 19, 2018.  Click the link to go to the survey.  If something is wrong with my link for some reason, you should also have one in your email that you have on file with the school.    Speak UP Survey

Our fourth grade field trip to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum is coming!!  We will go on Friday, December 15.  Please send your pink permission slip from last week's Wednesday folder if you haven't already done so.  


Week of November 27

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and enjoyed time doing things you love to do with those you love to do them with!! It was a fast week for me with my college freshman coming home for the first time in 88 days! I know he will be back before too long for Christmas. That being said, we have a lot to learn in fourth grade before the Christmas holiday!
In Math we will start our unit on Algebra.  We will be learning about equations and expressions.  We will combine words and numbers to solve problems with mulitple steps involving variables.  Reading for understanding becomes even more important as we pursue a solid foundation in algebraic problem solving.  We will be reiterating the importance of checking our work for reasonableness using estimation and all four of the operations we have worked with so far this year. Input/output tables will be a part of our week. Our missing fact fluency check on Friday will be mixed division facts with 3s, 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s and 9s. Please review the facts all week at home realizing that quick recall on the basic facts will help your student in all that we do the rest of our year in math and in your child's future math endeavors. In Science we will continue our unit on Electricity and Sound energy.  
Creekview News:
International Day was a huge hit with the students!  Thanks to all who participated in making that a great day.
Picture retakes are Thursday, November 30
Birthday Book Club in the library Friday morning at 8:10
Our class won the first Box Top competition, and we are already building our collection for the next one.  We don't know yet when our reward popcorn and game party will be, but now that the book fair is finished I imagine we will get that date soon.  Thank you for your help in collecting Box Tops for our school!!!

Week of November 13

This week in Math, we will really get into division.  We will transition from models and manipulatives to the expanded and standard algorithm for division.  We will be completing a district common assessment on multiplication and division later in the week.  Our fact fluency will be dividing by 1,2, 5 or 10 this week. In Science, we will finish our study of mechanical energy and move on to the study of electrical and sound energy defining the role that energy plays in our world.  I have added a link to the sidebar of my home page for a new tool from TEA.  It is an interactive glossary where students can enhance their learning.  I played around on the site and it was really entertaining as well as educational. There are even flash cards the students can use.  
Last week we said goodbye to our interim principal Kathy Morrison and thanked her for serving our school during a time of transition.  We welcomed our new principal, Mrs.Niesa Glenewinkel on Wednesday and now look forward to her first full week as principal this week. She is excited to be a part of our Creekview family and looks forward to getting to know our students and our families. 
Thanks to all who sent box tops for the first competition, our class won the contest!  We will find out soon when our celebration will be.  Mrs.Friedrichs was very busy hostessing a fantastic Wild West Book Fair last week.  Thanks to all who supported our school by taking part!
A few important reminders about upcoming dates:
This Wednesday the 15th is the district Writng CBA.  As is best to do every night, get a good night's rest on Tuesday evening.
This week is GenTX week and we invite our students to join us in wearing college shirts on Wednesday, November 15. 
If you would like more info on GenTx, you can visit their page at, but here is a quote coped from the website. "We know that education beyond high school can lead us to the future we want. We’re strong. We’re determined. And we’re not alone – we’re supported by our families, friends, and by a community that’s depending on us to succeed. It’s up to all of us to get inspired and make it happen."
Friday, November 17 is a regular length school day. It is also International Day from 9-11 am.
Happy Thanksgiving!! We will break for Thanksgiving from November 20-24.  We all return to school on November 27 and will attend school for 4 weeks until Christmas break.  

Week of November 6

This week in Math we will explore the topic of division.  We will use place value modeling and estimation. Our fact check will be in the missing factor format again.  For example: ___x 4 = 32.  It will cover 3s, 4s, 6s, and 8s.  In Science we continue to study mechanical energy. 
This week is the Book Fair in the library!!! Don't forget the special events associated with the Wild West Book Fair this year.  Wednesday the 8th is dress up in your best western attire for school day and shop with dad from 5pm -7pm.  Lunch with a grand one is on Thursday during our lunch from 12:21-12:51 for students with last names A-K and Friday same time for students with last names L-Z.   The Veteran's Day program is being performed by 5th graders at 9:30 on Friday in the cafeteria.   Friday is also the PTO meeting in the extra music room around 10:00.  We will have International Day the following Friday the 17th from 9-11 am. Here is some information from the folks in charge of that special day:

Creekview Elementary is an amazingly diverse place and we would like to celebrate that diversity with our students. On Nov. 17 from 9:00-11:00, we will host an International Day. We are asking parents from all of our cultures to come to school on that day and share about their culture with our students.

While some of the specific decisions like lengths of presentations will be determined by our number of volunteers, here is a basic outline of what we ask that you be willing to do...

  • 15-20 minute presentation
  • Present to multiple classes and grade levels
  • Wear traditional clothing (if available)
  • Provide a very hands on and interactive presentation

      o  Bring props / artifacts that can be touched

      o  Teach the students a dance

      o  Teach some of the language or a song

      o  Try some of the food (would have to be store bought)

  • Show some pictures of special places (computer and projector would be available)

If you would be willing to be a part of this process and share about your culture, please sign up below. We will contact you with more specific information when we reach the sign-up deadline.

DEADLINE: MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH (I just noticed the deadline...and I apologize for the late notice. Perhaps there would be some grace if you need extra time, you could contact them)




Win or lose this evening, we are all encouraged to wear our ASTROS gear tomorrow, Wednesday, November 1 either in celebration or in support of game 7.  I am really believing/hoping it will be in celebration!!!  If you don't have any actual ASTROS gear, orange or navy blue would work!  Go'Stros!!!

Week of October 30

On Monday in Math we will take a district assessment.  The rest of the
week in math we will begin multiplying double digit by double digit numbers.  We will also recongnize patterns in multiplication and perfect squares.   Our fact fluency will include the 5s and 10s in a missing factor style check. In Science we will explore the effects of force and study mechanical energy.  
Important Dates:
Birthday Club : November 3, 8:10-8:30 in the library
Book Fair: November 6-10 ...Info to come from the librarian
Pto meeting: November 10, 9:30-10:30 in the extra music room
International Day: November 17th, 9-11 am

Week of October 23 Midweek Update

Good Morning!
This week our news is brief.  We are still studying the same topics in both Math and Science.  Our fact fluency this week will be over mixed facts with a twist....finding the missing factor when one factor and the product is given.  
Coming up, on Monday the 30th, we will take a common district CBA test (curriculum based assessment) We ask that all students make every effort to be in school on that day if possible.  Students can prepare by reading over their notes in their Math INB and I will be sprialing back over all the things we have learned in the next few days as well.  
Please watch for their report cards in the Wednesday folders.  We are working on getting students the certificates that they keep all year long and we add a sticker to honor perfect attendance or all Es or Honor Roll.  
Hope you are having a good week!!

PTO Shirt Order

On Wednesday afternoon, I sent home the shirts that the PTO gave me for my students who had ordered them.  If you have any issues, the PTO member who headed up the volunteers who spent countless hours to get the shirt orders collected, shirts made, sorted, and distributed would like the opportunity to serve you further by making sure you got what you ordered!  You can contact her directly if you have any issues by text at 281-455-5720.  Her name is Stephanie Kerim.  Happy Friday!!!

Week of October 16

Our GE emphasis this week:

Life Principle of the Week:

Leadership is the ability to guide the actions and decisions of others

Quote of the Week

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. ~ John C. Maxwell

Word of the Week

Influence: means to have an effect on the character or behavior of someone

This week in Math we continue our Unit on Multiplication, with Division in our near future. To begin, we will use strategies in mental math.  Our fact fluency test this week will be x 3s,4s,6s,7s,8s and 9s. Having these facts memorized will go a long way with this unit in particular towards helping these concepts come more easily to your child.  In Science, we will look at Mixtures and Solutions. 
Upcoming Dates:
Fall Pictures will be Wednesday, October 19
Monster Howl at Timbercreek Elementary October 21 from 4-8pm