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This is what’s going on in First Grade this week.:



Library is Thursday.






* The Next Box Top Deadline is on FEBRUARY 23.  You can send in boxtops anytime.  One class from each grade level will win a popcorn and game party in the library!




 Upcoming events:



Feb 23:  All Box Tops due to the Library






Our focus for this week are the vowel digraphs ai and ay The -ai is never at the end of a word: brain.  The -ay is at the end of a word or a syllable:  way or maybe.  We will only focus on -ay words where -ay is at the end of a word (way) and not at the end of a syllable (maybe). 


The Sight Word Assessment is on Thursday and will be for these wordsTHEN   DON'T   USE   HAS


Our first grade readers will focus on deepening their understanding of fiction and nonfiction.  They will examine the author's purpose as it relates to these genres and will reflect on how a reader approaches each type of text.  They will also work on explaining what the main idea is in texts.

Writers will begin locating and recording research on their animal. They will be using their understanding of "facts" to find, read, and restate facts for their own books.  We will be focusing on locating, recording, and organizing their facts in preparation for their own writing. The research will culminate in their creation of an "All About" book about their animal. Please continue to practice capitalization (beginning of sentence, word "I", and proper names) as well as the three types of punctuation at home.  I had the students check out a book at the library about their animal.  We will also use various online resources for their research.  All work will be done in class.

 Students will focus on skip counting from by 2s, 5s, and 10s.  They must be able to do so by starting at any number and then skip count. For example: 3, 5, 7, 9.  We typically like to start skip counting by 2's on an even number, but we will practice mixing it up.  We focus on numbers 1-120.  They will also continue to focus on counting 1 to 120 forward and backward starting at any number. Please practice with them at home.  There is a 120 chart in their Daily Folder that they can use as a resource.

Our scientists will be learning about living and nonliving things. 
Students will be learning about goods and services.    




Prodigy:  I am so proud of the students who continue to use this awesome resource at home on a regular basis. Please continue to do so.  It really improves math skills!  Please be careful that your children do not share log-in information or that your children do not do each other's work.  If this happens it will result in your child receiving instructional material that is not appropriate for their skill base and will produce reports that do not adequately reflect their skills.
Raz Kids:  Again, many of you continue to use this resource.  Remember to LISTEN only AFTER you READ and successfully complete the assessment.
READ at Home:  Read with your child 20 minutes a day and use some of the strategies suggested here or in their Daily Folder.  Make sure it is a fun and enjoyable learning experience.
SIGHT WORDS:  Continue to practice reading and writing the 1st 9 weeks sight words with your child.  It will enable them to grow as a reader and a writer.  You may want to get a jump on the 2nd 9 weeks sight words.