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This is what’s going on in First Grade this week.:








 Upcoming events:


We are presenting Rise and Shine this week. Join us at 8:30 to see our class exhibiting leadership and public speaking. 




Our focus for this week are the vowel digraphs oo The two sounds of oo as in book and school.


The Sight Word Assessment is on Thursday and will be for these wordsvery us  our  could

Below are how the sight words are broken up for the rest of the year.
Sight Word Test 1
Wk 1 two more I’m away
Wk 2 very us our could
Wk 3 than first been
Sight Word Test 2
Wk 4 who now down
Wk 5: day here saw just
Wk 6 after going where too
Wk 7 before mother over

Our first grade readers will focus on strategies to help them read tricky or challenge words as they learn to read harder books.  They will learn how to focus on the beginning of words, endings, and parts that they know.  

Writers will finish putting the information from their research in to a book or piece of writing. They will be expected to separate the parts into different "chapters or sections" such as; habitat, what they eat, etc.   I will also be looking for correct sentence structure.  (Capitalization, spacing, and punctuation) This will be a major grade for writing.

 Students will focus on  on nonstandard measurement.  This means that we will use cubes, paperclips, and other objects to measure things.  A math review is attached at the bottom of the page.

Our scientists will be learning the parts of plants.  They will need to know about the stem, roots, leaves, and seeds.  We will also compare various types of plants to see how their leaves, seeds, and roots look different.   
Students will be learning about Texas symbols.  They will learn that the motto of Texas is: friendship.  We will also focus on the words in the Texas pledge.      




Prodigy:  I am so proud of the students who continue to use this awesome resource at home on a regular basis. Please continue to do so.  It really improves math skills!  Please be careful that your children do not share log-in information or that your children do not do each other's work.  If this happens it will result in your child receiving instructional material that is not appropriate for their skill base and will produce reports that do not adequately reflect their skills.
Raz Kids:  Again, many of you continue to use this resource.  Remember to LISTEN only AFTER you READ and successfully complete the assessment.
READ at Home:  Read with your child 20 minutes a day and use some of the strategies suggested here or in their Daily Folder.  Make sure it is a fun and enjoyable learning experience.
SIGHT WORDS:  Continue to practice reading and writing the 1st 9 weeks sight words with your child.  It will enable them to grow as a reader and a writer.  You may want to get a jump on the 2nd 9 weeks sight words.