An Ode to Third Grade

Dear Parents,
Wow!  We are sitting in very empty classrooms, which, just yesterday, enjoyed the presence of your children for the last time.  Teachers love the feel of walls that ring with love, warmth and laughter rather than solidly guarding us from the outside elements.  All teachers know that it is only cozy when we are enclosed together!
This year was challenging.  It seems like only a few weeks ago since we shared in the pain and subsequent joys of Harvey.  Helping each other challenged us to remember that nothing in life matters as wholly as the relationships we have with each other.  Experiencing this dynamic in our classrooms was equally beautiful as we watched children care for, include, and defend each other as they learned to define their own sense of community.  
Some fault teachers for caring too much about the content, but those individuals don't understand that teachers do not fall in love with content, but rather, we fall in love with children and will teach content as a way to connect and share life with the children.  
This year, we have LOVED your children.  Please relish for a moment in the fact that you are doing a mighty fine job to rear responsible ladies and gentlemen. Parenting is hard; teaching is hard.  We feel blessed that this year we were a team - you working hard on your end to make them teachable - us working hard on our end - and the children truly reaped the benefit.  
Thank you for your kindness and patience.  Thank you for your generous gifts and support.  Mostly, we thank you for the authentic and heart-felt conversations.  We love that we were able to speak truthfully about the children and our desires for them.  We are honored to have shared the third grade journey with you.  We truly hope that you all have a blessed and restful summer.  
Warm Regards,
Meredith, Angie, and Carrie