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Thank you for visiting my page!  This is the place to find important information about our 5th grade math. Use the page links to the right (under the box with my picture) to find the information you need.  Be sure to check out the webpage of my teaching partners, Mrs. Smylie (Reading), Mrs. Abueita (Science), and Mrs. Rice (Writing/Social Studies). Thanks again for taking the time to visit my website!

I am so excited for this 2017-2018 school year to start!

SCHOOL:  Creekview Elementary School, Room #  508

CLASS:  5th Grade Math 

SCHOOL PHONE: 281-357-3070 ext. 5277


CONFERENCE TIME: 1:00 - 1:55

Please feel free to contact me with any
questions or concerns you may have!  Thank you!


Recent Posts

Note from our Room Mom:

Hi parents,

Our Creekview Cares Kick Out Hunger food drive is coming up the week of March 5th – 9th.  The 5th grade classes will play kickball tournaments during their PE classes Monday through Friday that week.  The class that wins the tournament will play the teachers on Friday, March 9th.  This is always a fun time for the kids!  We are looking for dad’s to volunteer to referee these games at 1:00 PM on March 5th, 6th, and 7th.  We need one volunteer for each day. You must have filled out your volunteer background check ahead of time.

Please note, all volunteers must have a completed background check.  To complete this, you should go to the TBISD home page under Quick Links (Apply to Volunteer).  I’ve included a link below (looks like you’re applying for a position in the district but this is how we get our background checks submitted):

Please let me know if you’re available for a fun hour with our 5th graders!

Thank you for your support.

Lisa Spurr



Week of February 19th - 23rd:

This week in math we are continuing with our geometry unit.  We will finish up with perimeter, area, and volume and begin with classifying 2-dimensional shapes by their attributes.  We will take a quiz on Monday 2/26 and then test over Topic 12, 13, and 14 in the textbook. The geometry & measurement test on Wednesday, 2/28 will include converting measurement, perimeter, area, volume, and 2 dimensional shapes. 
A special thank you to Mrs. Spurr and all who donated to our wonderful Valentines Party.  Our room mom is also collecting for the spring fundraiser Country Fair.
Please send your Box Tops this week.  Friday is the deadline. One class from each grade level will win a board game and popcorn party in the library for the most Box Tops.
Progress Reports will be going home this week.  This is the last one before the 3rd nine weeks report card. 
Ms. Sims, our GT specialist, has asked us to send out the following reminder to all of our parents:  The Gifted & Talented parent recommendation window for spring testing is now open for students in grades 1 - 5. If interested in testing, please pick up a permission form & parent survey from the front office or send your request to Deadline for receiving recommendations is March 9th. Please contact Ms. Sims with questions. Test results will be available in late May.

Week of February 12th - 16th:

This week in math we will be taking the District Math Spring Benchmark.  It will cover everything we have learned so far.  Your child's math INB is the best resource to study.  We will then begin our geometry unit.

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

It's time to order the Creekview Kickball Game t-shirts! The store is open at

BE SURE YOU ORDER THE CORRECT COLOR FOR YOUR CHILD'S HOMEROOM CLASS (they are labeled)!!! Heefner's Homeroom is green.

The deadline to order the class kickball shirt is next Wednesday, February 14th.

The t-shirt is $10.10 and with tax is $10.93.

Please let us know if you have any questions, need assistance, or if you are unable to order the shirt.  We will do our best to make sure all students are included.

Thank you for your support!

5th Grade Team

Creekview Elementary School


Following Events:

Feb. 13: 5th Grade Math Benchmark

Feb 14: Deadline to order Kickball Shirts (Heefner's HR-Green shirt) and Valentine Party

Feb 15: Spring Pictures

Feb 16: Student Holiday

Feb. 19: Student Holiday

Feb 23:  All Box Tops due to the Library


Note from the GT Specialist:

The Gifted & Talented parent recommendation window for spring testing is now open for students in grades 1 - 5. If interested in testing, please pick up a permission form & parent survey from the front office or send your request to  Deadline for receiving recommendations is March 9th.  Please contact Ms. Sims with questions. Test results will be available in late May. 

Week of February 5th - 9th:


In math this week we will finish up converting measurement with metric units.  Our test will be Friday, Feb. 9th over Topic 14 in the textbook.  They will use conversion charts on the test.  On Tuesday, February 13th we will take our Spring Math District Benchmark.  It will cover everything we have learned this year.  Your child will need to review their entire INB.

Note from Room Moms:

Hi Parents!

Hope you’re new year is off to a great start!

Our class will be having a Valentines party for the students (only, no parents/siblings this time) on Wednesday, February 14th from 2:45-3:30. If your child opts to bring Valentines, they should bring one for each student in the class (we have 22 in our class) with your child’s name on it so we know who the Valentine is from. Students will need to bring a box or bag to collect Valentines.  It doesn’t have to be decorated but should have your child's name clearly labeled.

We plan on having snacks and games for the students. This will require a small donation, please send $5 to school with your child for the Valentine’s Day Party (any extra money will be used for our end of year class party).

If you have any questions please feel free to email Lisa Spurr at or Johana Guerreo at Thank you for your participation.

Lisa Spurr and Johana Guerreo

Upcoming Events:
Feb. 7: Counselor Appreciation Day
Feb. 9: Career Day
Feb. 14: Valentine Party
Feb. 15: Spring Pictures
Feb. 16: Student Holiday
Feb. 19: Student Holiday
Feb. 23: All Box Tops due to the Library



Week of January 29th - February 2nd:

This week in math we will test over Algebra, Topic 10-11 in textbook and pp. 60-69 in INB on Monday.  We will then begin our Geometry unit by converting customary units.
Course Selection:
Monday, January 29th your child will have a visit from the Creekside Park Junior High counselor and will sign up for classes next year.  A yellow course selection sheet went home in last week's Wednesday Folder for you and your child to fill out and return.  
We will be having Mid Year conferences for those students who are in danger of failing 5th grade during the month of February.  You will be notified if a conference needs to be scheduled.  As discussed at the parent orientation at the beginning of the school year, in order to pass 5th grade your child needs a 70 or higher in both Language Arts (Reading & Writing combined) AND Math. They must also have an average of 70 or greater in all four core classes (LA, Math, Science, and Social Studies).  This is also Student Success Initiative (SSI) Year which means your child needs to pass both STAAR Reading and STAAR Math this year.
Upcoming Events:
Jan. 31: Bus Driver Appreciation
Feb. 7: Counselor Appreciation Day
Feb. 9: Career Day
Feb. 14: Valentine Party
Feb. 15: Spring Pictures
Feb. 16: Student Holiday
Feb. 19: Student Holiday
Feb. 23: All Box Tops due to the Library

Week of January 22nd - 26th:

This week in math we will finish up our Algebra unit.  We will be translating math, input and output tables, and coordinate planes.  We will review order of operations and ordered pairs.  The Algebra test will be Monday, January 29th.  This test tends to be difficult so I encourage your child to spend multiple days studying what they have learned.
We will visit Creekside Park Junior High on Tuesday.  They must have a signed permission slip returned in order to go.  Please have those turned in by Monday so your child may participate.  Please have them wear a red shirt on Tuesday.

Week of January 15th - 19th:

In math we are continuing our Algebra unit.  This will include Topic 10 & 11 in the textbook. We have covered order of operations last week and will quiz on it this week.  We will be covering the Coordinate plane, input/output tables, graphing equations, and evaluating equations.
Friday we will celebrate perfect attendance for the 2nd nine weeks.  We are learning so many concepts that will prepare your child for the STAAR test in April.  Attendance is crucial.  We understand when your child is sick, but they will have to work to catch up when they are out.  Please remember to have a doctor's or parents note of reason, date, and signature brought to school within 2 days of returning back to school.
Please see the permission slip in the Wednesday Folder.  Your child will be taking a tour of Creekside Park Junior High.  We will also have a day your child will be signing up for electives next year.  There is a parent meeting January 25th from 6:30-7:30pm at CPJH to learn about elective options.  This will help when your child will sign up on Jan. 29th. They can answer all your questions.

Week of January 8th - 12th:

Welcome back!!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Break.  I look forward to an exciting 2018.
This week in math we will begin our algebra unit.  We will be working on order of of operations and simplifying expressions.  This will apply all operations in the correct order.  All of 5th grade will be reviewing procedures and expectations.
IMPORTANT reminder – students return to school this Wednesday, January 10th – enjoy these last couple of days of vacation! Also, NEXT Monday (January 15th) is a student holiday as well!

Week of December 18th - 22nd:

This week in math we will finish our Fraction Unit  We will have a district common assessment over prime & composite numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing unlike fractions and mixed numbers.  The test is Tuesday.  I have sent home all the previous tests and quizzes with the exception of the division quiz we took on Friday.  Your child saw their grade and the quiz will come home Monday. 
Thursday we will have Polar Express Day for 5th grade.  Your child can wear pajamas but it must be in accordance with the dress code. 
Friday is our class Christmas party and early release.  Please see below the information our wonderful Room Moms have prepared.  Thank you for all your hard work!!  Students will return to school Wednesday, January 10th. 

Hello 5th grade parents!

We hope you’re enjoying the holiday season thus far!  Your 5th grade Room Parent team has been busy planning a fun Christmas party!


This year our party will be held on Friday, December 22nd right after Rise and Shine (from about 9:15-10:15).  After the party you’re able to check your child out of school (see check out procedure below).


Mrs. Heefner’s class

To ensure that we have a successful classroom party we are asking parents to make a $5 contribution for their child.  This will cover cookies, snacks, drink and party supplies.  I will be sending home a white envelope with “Room Mom” on the front (it will be in your child’s red folder).  Please put your contribution in the envelop and send it back to school in your child’s red folder by Monday, December 18th.


3 Stations 

1 – Ping pong hat game

2 – Photo booth

3 - Book exchange

As one of our activities, we will do a book exchange.  Please bring a NEW booked that is wrapped, not to exceed $5.  (Please let me know if you’re unable to do this and we will provide a wrapped book for your child to be able to participate.) 

Teacher Gift

We will do individual gifts for Mrs. Heefner Christmas gift this year.  I have attached a list of Mrs. Heefner’s Favorite things if you would like to participate (this is completely optional).

Student Sign-out After Party

Please note the new sign out process.  If students are leaving after the party, they must be signed out in the classroom.  The teacher will give parents a ticket.  The ticket will be turned in as student leaves.  The staff will verify that each student leaves with the adult with a corresponding ticket.  All adults will still pre-register for the party.

We’re look forward to a fun party!  Thanks for your participation and please us know if you have any questions!


Lisa Spurr and Johana Guerrero

Week of December 11th - 15th:

This week in math we will continue with multiplying fractions and have a quiz on Wednesday.  We will also be dividing fractions and whole numbers and quiz on Friday. We will finish up our Mixed Operations of Fractions and test on Tuesday, December 19th.  

Upcoming Events:

Dec 11:  Creekview Cares Toy Drive

December 22:  Class Parties, Early Release @ 12:50

December 22nd - Jan. 9th - Christmas break
The Lost & Found is getting full.  If you your child has lost a coat, lunch kit or other items, please check the Lost & Found located in the main hallway outside the cafeteria.

Week of December 4th - 8th:

This week in math we will review and test over adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  This will include pp. 38-53 in our INB and chapters 7 and 8 in the textbook.  We will then begin multiplying fractions.  We will take Mixed Operations of Fractions and Mixed Numbers December 20th.  This will include adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers.
Wednesday, December 6th Progress Reports will go home in your child's Wednesday Folder.  The second nine weeks will end December 22nd.  You will receive that report card after the Christmas break.
Dec 6: Custodian Appreciation Day
Dec 11:  Creekview Cares Toy Drive
December 22:  Class Parties, Early Release @ 12:50
December 22- Jan. 5 - Christmas break

 * The Next Box Top Deadline is in FEBRUARY.  One class from each grade level will win a popcorn and game party in the library!

Week of November 27th - December 1st:

Welcome back!  Hope you had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving!
This week in math we will continue working on our fraction unit.  We will be adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators.  We have already covered adding and subtracting like fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions, prime and composite numbers, divisibility rules, equivalent fractions, and simplifying fractions.  We will move the test on adding and subtracting unlike fractions to Tuesday, December 5th.  
Thursday, November 30th will be Fall Picture Retakes.

Week of November 13th - 17th:

This week in math we will continue with our fraction unit.  We are learning numbers can be prime or composite or neither if you are the number one. We will have a quiz on prime and composite numbers Thursday, Nov. 16th. Your child will need to memorize and practice the divisibility rules in their INB.  This will help them as they simplify fractions.  We will quickly review basic fraction concepts from last year of making equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. New concept are converting mixed numbers to fractions and fractions to mixed numbers, estimating sums and differences of fractions and mixed numbers, common denominators, adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, and multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers.  The  test will be Friday, December 1st over adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. We will finish up our fraction unit before the Christmas Break. 
Your child should be reviewing their math INB daily.  Please click on the Homework Link to see this week's assignments. Directions for the online textbook are also included below the assignments. If your child is stuggling with a concept they can go on Mathantics or Khan Academy websites for additional help.
This week is college week.  On Wednesday, November 15th we will wear our favorite college shirt.
Friday, November 17th is our International Day.  Thank you to those parents presenting and sharing your culture with our students.  We learn so much. We love this day!!!  It is a full day of school.