Digital Learning Update

March 18, 2020

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, the district has announced that normal district operations, which include the children attending school in the building, are suspended through April 10, with a projected resumption date of April 13. As your second grade team, we want to share current information.

Firstly, we are so very grateful that all our staff and students are healthy and loved.  While the choice to suspend school might seem unprecedented, we must realize that the decision is rooted in compassion and a desire to protect the families in our precious learning community. We are deeply thankful for health.

Secondly, please know that communication is rightly being handled by the district to prevent confusion.  Therefore, we learn information at the exact time that you do. This is so important to remember because our answer to many questions will likely be, “I don’t know.”  We will support you as much as we possibly can, but responses may feel somewhat slower as we all await unified, district information. We are not being intentionally insensitive or vague, but rather we want to ensure that the information you do receive is accurate.

Thirdly, we are deeply dedicated to student learning, and we love teaching! Therefore, we are all excited to use Google Classroom to engage students and extend their learning in new ways. Please let us know if your student does not have access to a device. Very soon we will share with you some resources to begin this journey.

Warm regards,

Your Second Grade Team