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A note about testing for giftedness

The Gifted & Talented parent recommendation window for spring testing is now open for students in grades 1 - 5. If interested in testing, please pick up a permission form & parent survey from the front office or send your request to Deadline for receiving recommendations is March 9th. Please contact Ms. Sims with questions. Test results will be available in late May.

Dear Parents

Tomorrow is career day, and the kiddos are so very excited.  Needless to say, because of our early morning career experiences, our three classes will be truncated to exactly 1 hour each.  I want to give you all a glimpse of this next week's schedule.  
We will be completing an expository paper on soil, which will be one of their major writing grades for this nine week period.  We have worked extensively in class through the writing process.  Additionally, the children will use their facts that they've researched to write a "newspaper," which is posted in Google Classroom.  They are excited about becoming journalists.  
Additionally, we will have a major grade in science this next week.  We are studying soil.  I hope that you've heard about our digging excursions!  To help study, we will journal, record, and discuss this information extensively. 
weathering: The process of wearing down rock into smaller pieces.
erosion: The process of moving sediment from one location to another.
soil:  Mixture of organic material, rocks, and minerals.
decompose:  The process of breaking down organic material into soil.
types of soil - clay, sand, and silt
humus - A dark-brown or black soil made up of decayed plant or animal matter. 
The children are very comfortable talking about the types of soil; however, they still hesitate when discussing weathering and erosion so we will continue toward mastery with this topics.  
Trusting that you have a wonderful weekend.  

This next week.....

Dear Parents,
What an unusually interesting year!  Needless to say, considering the collection of rare absences, we are in full motion for the duration of the year.  Please know, however, that the pacing for this quarter will feel somewhat more rigid and persistent because of its position in the year rather than the weather days.  The children have matured considerably and can handle increasing work loads without stress as they have fully acclimated to third.  
From the teachers' perspectives, we love this quarter as their academic conversations are generally deepening,  which is wonderful.  They now realize when we challenge their responses that it is not an affront, but rather, we just need them to orally defend their thinking.  This is a huge victory!  We can see them beginning to "dig" a littler deeper mentally, and their work quality is also improving.  Every moment counts as we are rapidly approaching our end-of-year targets.  Simply put, we need all of these days.  As a result, please understand that "make-up" work is rarely the same quality because in-class discussions that so spontaneously occur about content can't be recreated, and the depth of these conversations drive the children's learning and creative thinking.
From a student's perspective, they are beginning to enjoy the challenge of difficult tasks rather than being overwhelmed by them.  Some of the students are showing tenacity while we are still gently nudging others in that direction.  The students are starting to realize the benefits of "fighting" with a problem until they figure it out.  We love watching that process as we desire them to be aggressive thinkers in order to gain the confidence over our remaining weeks that they can figure something out without assistance.
From a parent's perspective you may notice an increase in the amount of work and homework.  The students will be bringing home "STAAR-like" passages that are challenging, lengthy, and can be somewhat un-engaging (wink!) to a third grader.  Please let them struggle to independently complete these assignments.  Additionally, the greatest support that you can provide for us is having your child read every night.  The students should be comfortably reading 35-40 minutes in a single setting.  
We love third graders as they grow so much.  One might think that teachers tire at this point in the year, but we three are energized by their growth and enthused about the challenges that are ahead.  We love making this journey with our students and continue to encourage them toward demonstrating effort and excellence.  Our goal isn't a great third grade year.  Our goal is to impart content and skills that become the foundation for the duration of their school years.  Simply put, we want them to be better PEOPLE because we shared third grade with them.  We hope that you are beginning to see some of these results by this point in the year.  Remember to contact us as you have concerns and remember to read, read, read!
We love your sweet kids,
Meredith, Angie, and Carrie  

Welcome Back!

Dear Parents,
We have been at school for 2 days already and are eagerly awaiting our kiddos!  We will see you bright and early tomorrow morning.
As we return we will be in full swing as we experience an extremely productive quarter.  Many of the skills on which we will work are necessary for success in life.  Skills will be cyclical in nature for the entire quarter and will include the following on every story that we read:
Creating a plot structure to help me understand and summarize a story. 
Summarizing - learning to identify and write a 2-3 sentence summary that focuses on the characters, problem and resolution without contributing details.  
Examining context (other words in a paragraph) to help me figure out what an unknown word means.
Dictionary efficiency
Main Idea and Details - Do the details support the thought that I believe is the main idea?  
In science we are beginning with composition of soil.  This includes types of soil (silt, sand, loam, and clay) as well as decomposition of organic matter and weathering of rocks.  
We are truly excited and re-energized about this 9-weeks, and we are expecting tremendous growth in all our sweet students.  

Merry Christmas

Dear Parents,
Wow!  That was a whirlwind occasion.  The children enjoyed their stage performance even if the logistics or organizing that many kids was difficult.  This year I feel so very blessed because I have received so much help from you all.  I can't express enough my feelings of gratitude and overwhelming thankfulness.  Mrs. Rosemeyer has paved the way for a smooth year at the sacrifice of her resources and time.  Additionally, Mrs. Gassaway, has been of invaluable help. 
I am so grateful for the many gifts and outpouring of your love and affection.  Your children have been a delight to teacher this semester, and they deserve the rest.  We will resume with a very full and demanding semester as we step-up toward fourth.
I truly hope you have a blessed and safe Christmas season.

A Note from Mrs. Rosemeyer about our Christmas Party


Hi there Mrs. Ray’s homeroom!

I hope you are having a fantastic start to your holiday season. We have two weeks until we get out for our winter break, how exciting! I am writing to inform you about the class holiday party on December 22. Every parent is invited to attend! The party will begin immediately after rise and shine. This year the 3rd grade students will be leading the sing a long at rise and shine, so you won’t want to miss that! After the sing a long, the students will be dismissed with their teachers and the parents will be asked to wait in the cafeteria for a few minutes. Once the students are given the chance to get to the classroom, all parents will be released. The party will begin about 9:30 and last until 10:15. You will be allowed to take your child home with you after the class party at 10:15. Of course the students are welcome to stay until early release at 12:50 as well.


The holiday party will be in your child’s homeroom class. We will eat, visit and play a game. We are asking that each parent donate $5 towards the party. This will help fund the decorations, food and supplies. You are welcome to send the money to school to be given to Mrs. Ray, or you can PayPal me at:


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Looking forward to a super fun time!


Windy Rosemeyer

Homeroom mom


Lost & Found

Dear Parents,
This time of year brings the challenge of keeping our kids in jackets.  Each day we teachers hold up jackets in the pod to encourage children to claim them, but the school still manages to amass a healthy quantity of jackets.  This next week as you visit, please look through Lost & Found (in the central hallway) to look through them if your child is missing a jacket.  In the next few weeks, we know you'll be relieved to have them back.  

This Week's Update....

Dear Parents,
What a great day!  We learned that Santa left a letter in the front office for the third grade pod, so we were all super-excited today.  Additionally, he left everyone a Santa chocolate that was made at the North Pole Sweet Shop.  Needless to say, we loved today!  
This week, we are reviewing science as we have a science benchmark on Wednesday that will count as a daily grade.  A benchmark is a district-created quiz that I will not see until Wednesday morning.  I will tell you the single greatest mistake that our children will make is a reading error.  We discussed it in class today.  
Our unit was about "properties of matter" for the "states of matter," and often times the children do not linger over the phrasing long enough to recall the difference between the two.  I do have these on the wall in our classroom, but many students do not refer to them during the test. 
In writing we are working on an expository paper about the culture of a country that your child selected to study.  I think the children are enjoying it a bit better than narrative writing; they're finding it easy to recall and retell facts.  This will be a major grade, but we will continue to work on it through the week and even into next week. 
Each day we have a different focus and then the students return to their seats to apply that concept in their writing.  Additionally, they work with a partner to help each other make corrections prior to submitting it.  It is a very long process, but I do trust that you are beginning to see vast improvements in your child's writing. 
Our second grading period will end on the day of our break for the Christmas holiday, so we have steady work until the end.  Please let me know if you have questions.

Well, that week went by fast....

Dear Parents,
I trust that your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  We sure did, but it did seem to fly by rather quickly.  We have 4 weeks remaining before the Christmas break and those weeks are packed as it is also the end of our grading period.  As much as you possibly can, please try to minimize absences as it is extremely challenging to do quality make-up work during these weeks.  In writing we will research a country that was selected by your child and they will write an expository paragraph of that country.  This will count as their 2nd major writing grade of the 9-week period.  
In science we are studying mechanical energy.  Our vocabulary for the unit is as follows:  force, motion, mass, attract, gravity, mechanical energy, and friction.  The kiddos do enjoy as many experiments as we can squeeze in, and I do think they are getting better at listening so that they can quickly begin their experiment.  Also, we have a district benchmark assessment scheduled for Wednesday, December 6.  We will be reviewing vocabulary and concepts each day prior to this quiz. 
Finally, Ray's homeroom class gets to host Rise and Shine beginning on Monday, December 4.  The children truly enjoy this opportunity to be the presenting class.  We will draw for parts as soon as we get into class tomorrow morning. 
See you in class,

Happy Thanksgiving...

Thank you all so very much for the absolutely delicious Thanksgiving Day feast that you blessed us with on Thursday.  You all are so very generous to us that it overwhelms us at times.  Not only do we have the pleasure of serving you as we help you educate your children, we are honored by your kindness.  
Enjoy the break and be safe.  Truly we are all blessed beyond measure.  I trust that you and yours celebrate gratitude this week.

Video in Google Classroom

Hey kiddos, 
Our homework video is posted in google classroom.  It should be getting easier to do independently.
Love you,
Mrs. Ray

Major Grades This Week

Dear Parents,
This coming week the students will have two major grades.  In writing, the students are working on narratives.  Each day we have a short focus on our writing that they then go back to their seats and apply in their narratives.  For example, one day we underlined all our verbs and then returned to our seats to make our verb choices more vivid.  This next week we are completing the task with attention to editing (making small changes):  spelling sight words correctly;  ensuring we are using complete sentences; strong beginning/ending sentences; etc.
In science, we are having a test on light and thermal energy.  The children have been working in the lab, and I am confident that they know this material.  Please encourage them to GO SLOW and read, read, read!
Colors that absorb heat / reflect light.
Heat and loss of heat causes changes in the states of matter. 
Heat causes evaporation
Changes occur over time.  
How heat energy helps us 
The students are working well and we're beginning to make much larger strides in our work quality.  Have a great weekend.

Western Day is tomorrow...

Parents, tomorrow the children are given the opportunity to dress in western wear in honor of our book fair.  Our PE teacher, Coach Marek, has asked that you kindly remember the necessity of tennis shoes if your child is in P.E.  Thanks for the help!

Capitalization Video - Thursday, November 2

Parents, I've got the students' video posted in Google Classroom, but this morning it was giving me a goofy download option, so I'm also posting the same video here in the event that there is an issue.  As always, a copy of their paper is attached as a back-up if they leave their original copy at school. Can you believe it's already November?  

If you have a tee-shirt problem....

Dear Parents, 
The Creekview PTO has asked for you to contact this phone number below if you have problems with a PTO tee shirt order.  The exact message is posted below:
"Could you email teachers to post on Edlio that any issues with shirts to text Stephanie at (281) 455-5720. And please don’t post on Facebook bc she may not see it. Thank you."