Birthdays at Creekview

How does Creekview Celebrate Student Birthdays?


Birthdays at Creekview are a special!  All Creekview students and staff will be celebrated at Rise and Shine each morning. 

Summer Birthdays will be celebrated on the date of the student’s half birthday. 


Parents may:

  • Purchase ice cream passes for birthday boy/girl to pass out to homeroom class at lunch time.   
  • Provide a nut-free, individually wrapped, store bought treat for the birthday boy/girl to pass out to his/her homeroom class at lunch time.
  • NOT bring balloons, gifts, etc. to school; please save these special items for a time outside of the school day.  

How to purchase Ice Cream Passes for the class:

  • The day before your child's birthday celebration, send a check or cash in an envelope with your child's name, celebration date, teacher, and "birthday ice cream"  ($1/per ice cream).    OR
  • Send a note stating your desire to purchase ice cream passes from your child's lunch account with the information bolded above.
  • Popsicles are available for those with nut allergies.