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Celebrating Birthdays at Creekview



We are excited to celebrate your child’s birthday at Creekview.  On the day of your child's birthday (or near it if on a weekend), your child will be called up to the front during Rise and Shine and the school will sing our Happy Birthday song to them. Typically, classroom teachers will also recognize your child's birthday in some way. Summer birthdays are usually celebrated either at half-birthday time or in the last few weeks leading up to summer.



Birthday Treats for students brought by parents.


Parents are welcome to bring a treat for their child's class at lunch. We have three requirements for that.


  1. Ask your child’s teacher if any other students have food allergies. It would definitely be appreciated if treats were chosen that all students could eat or an alternate treat was brought for students with food allergies.
  2. Bring store-bought items only. It’s not that we don’t love homemade food. Food that is prepared at a restaurant or at a grocery store is guaranteed to be from a health department certified kitchen. Our family kitchens may or may not comply with health department regulations and there is no way for us to know. Also, the parents of the other students in the class are not present to approve or disapprove of their child eating the food items.
  3. Allow cafeteria monitors to distribute the food. While not as much fun as the parent or student passing items out, many of our students have food allergies. Sharing health allergy information is a violation of HEPA and, if the cafeteria monitor distributes the cupcakes, the information doesn't have to be shared.

 When you arrive in the cafeteria, your child can sit with you at the parent table as normal. Please do let the monitor for your child’s table know that you have a treat for the class. Approximately 10 minutes before the end of lunch, you and your child may rejoin the class and the monitor will distribute the goodies.


Please have birthday treats for your student like flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, etc. delivered to your home and not to school. According to the Tomball ISD Student Handbook, these items are not permitted to be delivered / brought to the school. They are typically distracting to the student and are also difficult to handle at dismissal when a child is trying to sit in car rider line or on a bus or walking / riding home.