Birthdays at Creekview

How does Creekview Celebrate Student Birthdays?


Birthdays at Creekview are a special!  All Creekview students and staff will be celebrated at Rise and Shine each morning. 


Summer Birthdays will be celebrated on the date of the student’s half birthday.           (i.e August 19th celebrates February 19th



Parents may:

  • Purchase ice cream passes for birthday boy/girl to pass out to homeroom class at lunch time.   
  • Provide a nut-free, individually wrapped, store bought treat for the birthday boy/girl to pass out to his/her homeroom class at lunch time.
  • NOT bring balloons, gifts, etc. to school; please save these special items for a time outside of the school day.  

How to purchase Ice Cream Passes for the class:

  • The day before your child's birthday celebration, send a check or cash in an envelope with your child's name, celebration date, teacher, and "birthday ice cream"  ($1/per ice cream).    OR
  • Send a note stating your desire to purchase ice cream passes from your child's lunch account with the information bolded above. 
Popsicles are available for those with nut allergies.