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Dismissal Procedures

Very Late Afternoon Checkouts

Our afternoon dismissal time is 3:50. Teachers begin the packing up and moving into the pod process about 3:40. Calling a student out of class to come to the office at that time becomes very difficult.


We are always happy to get your child for you if you are checking him out. However, to make sure he gets where he is supposed to go in the movement of dismissal, if you arrive after 3:40 to check your child out, we will ask you to wait until 3:50 to get him. If your child is a …

  • biker / walker, go ahead and pick him up from the porch;
  • bus student, we will wait until he is in the bus line and then call him to the office;
  • car rider, we will pull him out of line as his class walks by.


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to make our dismissal process as smooth and fast as possible.

Drop off and Dismissal Procedures

At the beginning of the year or when a student is enrolled, parents will be asked to specify how their child is to get home each day. That is the method that will be used for the remainder of the year unless changed in writing by the parent. 




Walker / Bike Rider Procedure

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE PARKING LOT AT WENDTWOOD PARK. We have worked diligently last year with The Woodlands Township to try to prevent parents parking there and walking up to pick up their students. It creates a very unsafe situation to park there.  If you wish to drive to pick up your child, please use the car rider line at the front of the school.  Thank you.

 AM Arrival: 

  1. The gate on Wentwood Drive will be opened at 8:10. 
  2. Please do not stop your car on Wendtood Drive and let your student out. This gate is for students who bike or walk to school. The car rider line at the front of the school is the place to pull up and drop your student off at the curb. If you do not wish to drive your car around to the front, you may park in the soccer field parking lot.  However; you will need to get out with your student and walk him/her across the bus drive.  Please help us to ensure your student's safety by abiding to these two requests.  

  3. Bikers and walkers enter, park bikes and walk into the door closest to the bike racks. 
  4. When in the building, walk directly to the cafeteria and line up with your class for Rise and Shine.
  5. Tardy bell rings at 8:39 and that door will be locked. Students that staff can see will be waited on.
  6. If walkers / riders arrive after staff have left the door, park bike and walk around the back of the building and around the cafeteria to the front doors and enter there. (Parents, it is strongly suggested that if your student is going to arrive late that you bring him / her in the car, park in visitor parking and walk your student into the office.)

PM Dismissal:

  1. The gate on Wentwood Drive will be opened at 3:45. 
  2. Parents and younger siblings may come onto the back porch and line up along the school wall in the shade to wait for staff to dismiss the students. 
  3. Upper grade students going home without parents will be released first.
  4. Kindergarten and 1st grade students whose parents are present will be released next. 
  5. Parent should have the hot pink "Biker / Walker Dismissal Card" with them to show to school staff. Until school staff know which parents go with the students, parents may be asked to provide identification to verify guardianship.
  6. Kinder and 1st grade students will only be released to walk or ride home without parents if the parents have signed a form giving permission.


Rainy Day Dismissal for Bikers / Walkers:

All parents of walker / bike riders will be given a preference form as to what they want their walkers/ riders to do on a heavy rain day. Teachers will be given that information. On a rainy day, we will make a decision by 3:30 at the latest using radar. Parents will be notified using the School Messenger system and will receive both a voice mail and an email as long as their information is current. School staff will then move walkers / riders into bus or car rider lines based on parent choice.


Dismissal procedures will not change for car, bus, and day care riders. However, please expect longer wait times in the car rider line and a delay in the arrival of buses due to more students in both of those groups.