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Volunteer at Creekview



We truly value parent involvement at Creekview Elementary School and encourage our parents to be a part of our day. Our goal is to provide great lessons and great learning experiences to our students. When parents help teachers with some of the administrative or classroom management tasks, teachers have more time to plan or instruct or are able to work with even smaller groups of students.


Typical volunteer jobs where parents (or even grandparents) can serve include…
  • Monitoring workstations while the teacher instructs small groups of students.
  • Practicing math flash cards or spelling words with a small group of students.
  • Chaperoning a small group of students on a field trip.
  • Being a WatchDOG Dad.
  • Cutting laminated work.
  • Supporting the teacher and students in the computer lab.
  • Tearing pages out of consumable workbooks



For the safety of our students and staff, all volunteers are required to complete a background check through the Tomball ISD. This is an online process through our district Job Application portal. The school will be notified of the result when the background check is complete. Click here to go to the Volunteer Application site and then click the button as demonstrated in the screenshot below. If you have not been there before, you will need to create an account.



You must complete this form every year, even if you were an approved volunteer last year.


The processing could take a couple weeks or even more, so don’t wait until you are ready to volunteer to complete the form. Complete your form NOW, because WE NEED YOU!


Creekview Volunteer Pledge 


Finally, we ask that all of our Volunteers take the "Volunteer Pledge." Please print, review and sign the Volunteer Pledge and bring it with you the first time you come to Volunteer.


Volunteering with Pre-School Age Children


Having pre-school age children does not prevent you from volunteering at Creekview. However, we do have a few stipulations. 


We would love to have you volunteer working in the hallway or an extra room doing things that do not involve being in the classroom or interacting with students (e.g. sorting supplies, cutting lamination, etc.), so long as your child remains quiet and safely with you. If your child becomes noisy and/or a distraction to our students, then we ask that you either take the work home to complete it (if okay with the teacher) or come back another time to help.


We do not want pre-school age children in a classroom or interacting with students. Volunteer jobs such as monitoring centers for the teacher, helping support in the computer lab, etc. would not be appropriate with pre-school children.