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Weekly Focus 1/27 - 1/31

Weekly Focus  1/27 - 1/31

Reading- The students will complete a district spring benchmark test this week. They will also begin working on informational text including the structure, central idea, and supporting reasons. 

Writing- The students will write an argumentative piece in which they state and support their claim with evidence. This will count as a major test grade. We are working on spelling week 15  ( ng, nk, nt, pt, sk, st).  

Social Studies- The students will investigate and compare two historical figures using a venn diagram and create a joined timeline of their significant contributions. ​

Valentine's Day Party

Hello Parents!

Mrs. Knees class will be having their Valentine's Day party on Thursday, February 13.  This party is for students only.  If your student would like to participate, they will be handing out valentines during this time. There are a total of 22 students in the class, with 13 boys and 9 girls. Please have your child address the valentines To: "My Friend", From: "Your Student's Name".

The Valentine's Day Party is funded through parent donations.  We are asking for a $6 per child donation to cover the cost of the party.  Donations will be taken through Membership Toolkit until Thursday, January 30.  You may access Membership Toolkit through this link: Membership Toolkit

Thank you for helping create classroom memories!!  Please contact me with any questions.


Room Parent: Terri Trainer
Ph or Txt: 940-293-3126