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Duck! Rabbit! Read Aloud with Mrs. Garza

Listen along as I read Duck! Rabbit! and tell me which do you see? A duck or a rabbit? Click on the link above to cast your vote and help make our class graph!

Calendar with Mrs. Garza- Friday 3/27

I hope you have enjoyed doing calendar this week! You all have a fantastic weekend and keep up the amazing work. I miss you all so much!

Calendar with Mrs. Garza ft. Chandler- Wednesday 3/25

I am running out of pointers to use, so I thought I could use a little help from Chandler. I don't know if he was in the mood to help or not... just wait and see. I hope you are enjoying calendar!

Calendar with Mrs. Garza- Tuesday 3/24

I would love to see any videos of your child dancing or singing along to our morning songs! During our Months of the Year song, the kids always stand up when it is their birthday month. Are they standing up at home, too? I miss them all!

Calendar with Mrs. Garza- 3/23

This is our calendar routine we do every single day! I hope the kids get excited when they hear the songs we sing together every morning. Normally, calendar is led by the kids but now Mrs. Garza gets a turn!