Welcome back my love bugs! 
I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break. Below you will find a welcome video along with your first week of engagement activities. Feel free to explore the website since it it filled with lots of new information! In the side bar, you can find links to Clever help, information fro the district, and more. 
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Week 7

This week we celebrated our first model citizen, Korbin with exemplifying Respect!

We continued mastering letter identification, the sounds they make, and sight words!

We continued our measurement skills in math with comparing our feet size to our classmates.  

{Great pictures added under Photo Album on my webpage. WEEK 7}

<Weekend challenge: ask your kiddo throughout the weekend if they can find any letters or sight words they know! This could be on cereal boxes, billboards while traveling, menus at restaurants, ANYWHERE!>

As always your feedback is what will ensure success in and out of the classroom.

A few things I would like to adjust:

Snacks/snack time: I am learning with our new schedule this year the time between lunch and snack is leaving our little tummies very hungry. In hopes to keep everyone happy and comfortable, we tried something new this week and I would like to share with parents. I pass out community snack, the snack provided by you the families weekly, during writing the 30 minutes prior to recess. At this time they are welcome to snack and work. Or they can save snack for after recess (after recess has been our normal snack time) which they have 15 minutes to restroom, water, snack and cool off from recess before starting our science or social studies activities. 

Some bring snack from home and have community snack before recess and their snack from home after recess or both snacks after- I am happy with either as long as my class is happy and learning! 

The second thing I have had great feedback from is our Computer Lab helpers. As every year and group is different, the sweet parents that have come to help have noticed- your kiddos are sufficient at navigating the games on the computers! 

I would like to express our computer lab volunteers are ALWAYS welcome to stay the full time, but if your schedule permits we could use help getting all students logged on and then you would be welcome to continue your day. 

Our goal is to begin logging on, on our own towards the end of the month and beginning of November. 

Coming up:

7 Stomp Out Bullying-Wear Blue

11 Early Release 12:50 PM

14 Columbus Day-Student Holiday

15 Fall Picture Retakes

23 Report Cards Go Home

24 Fall Choir Concert 6:30 PM

25 Box Tops Due

28-November 1 Red Ribbon Week

25 Creekview HOWL 6-8 PM

Week 6

This week was full of many exciting things. We explored apples each day, we predicted if apples would sink or float, we taste tested them, all three colors thanks to you guys for sending in so many apples to make the week such a success! We used balance scales to compare the weight of our apple with large and small erasers, we counted the seeds inside and found classmates with more and less seeds than our apple had, THEN we made apple sauce to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day! 

Along with apples, we learned the sight words, ‘a’ and ‘go, letters H and K, (we should be able to identify the letter name, make its sound and form it correctly in writing AND we know how to show it in ASL)!

Our Writers Workshop is making us so proud! We are working on writing goals of drawing an illustration to tell our story, label our picture and to stretch our sounds to begin forming words. 

In math we begin measurement with exploring objects around the classroom that are longer and shorter than us and our pipe cleaner.  

It was wonderful seeing so many of you this week afterschool at Desserts with Dad and lunch with a GRAND one! Again, it was a success because of you!

Our special guests this week were; Mr. Flores as Watchdog he had the neatest magic tricks! Mr. Ardeel helped with our apple experiments! Mrs. Loveless was our mystery reader, we loved the Teaching Dinosaurs to read story and the surprise dinosaur suckers as a treat! Thank you all for your time, we enjoyed each and everyone of you! 

You can see pictures of our wonderful week here.

We are rocking and rolling in Kindergarten and I would love the opportunity to meet with the parents of each of my students to share about the wonderful things they are doing and how we can work together to ensure the most success for the remainder of the school year. 

Please find a day and time that works best for your schedule - if you find any dates or time frames don’t work with your schedule, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me to schedule a different time. I am more than happy to see how we can work out a better time. 

Sign up here. 

A quick reminder for any parent volunteers - an approved Volunteer application is required before you will be able to come help/visit in our classroom or computer lab. This information is all electronic, I do not have a form to send home to you.

You can find the link at





The turn around time for approval could take a few weeks. We highly encourage everyone to go ahead and fill out the application so that it is approved for any event you would like to join us in.

Thank you again to everyone for the apples you sent it to make our week so successful, thank you for sending in magazines and environmental print (keep those coming as you can!) Most of all thank you for your continuous time and support with our classroom. 

Coming Up:


1 Custodian Appreciation Day

1 Elementary Night at Creekside Park Jr. High Football Game (See Mrs. Glenewinkel’s weekly email for flyer attachment)

2 National Walk to School Day

2 Paws for a Cause Kick Off After School at Wendtwoods Park (Kona Ice Spirit Night)

2 Progress Reports Go Home 1st-5th

2 Tomball High School Homecoming Parade

3-25 Paws for a Cause Fundraiser (Go to Membership Toolkit to donate)

7 Stomp Out Bullying-Wear Blue

9-10 Health Screenings

11 Early Release 12:50 PM

14 Columbus Day-Student Holiday

15 Fall Picture Retakes

23 Report Cards Go Home

24 Fall Choir Concert 6:30 PM

25 Box Tops Due

28-November 1 Red Ribbon Week

25 Creekview HOWL 6-8 PM

Week 5

We had another wonderful week full of new things! 

We have learned four sight words now: I, like, see, the. We explored these words through songs, poems and tactical stations. We are also mastering the letters, F, E, D, P, B, I and T. We can identify the name, tell the sound they make, we can form them in writing AND we know the sign language for them!! We also celebrated Constitution Day with a flag parade throughout school. Your kiddos are incredible! 

You can find new pictures on my webpage. 

Ways to reinforce letters and sight words - while in the car look for letters or sight words on billboard signs, on restaurant menus, on cereal boxes, and throughout grocery stores. 

We had more wonderful parents helping with computer lab this week, HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs. Levett and Mrs. Quijano for your time and energy! Thank you to our mystery reader, Mrs. Medina. It was so neat to learn about Puerto Rico and we loved your story! 

A reminder for class visitors/helpers and volunteers - an approved Volunteer application is required for you to be able to join us.

This is not a form I send home.

If you are interested in volunteering any time this year or signed up for computer lab help or to be a mystery reader, you will need to submit your volunteer application.

Here are the steps:



Apply to be a volunteer 

Keep in mind this could take up to 2 weeks to be approved. 

Next week is an exciting one with our very first book fair experience in Kindergarten! 

We will get to preview the book fair on Monday from 12:40-1:00 - students will have the opportunity to make a wish list of things they may want. Students are also able to make purchases at this time, if you wish to send money with them, you are also welcome to meet our class in the library at this time. 

The library will be open late on Wednesday evening for Desserts with Dads, from 5:00-7:00. 

Monday is also International Dot day! We encourage everyone to celebrate by wearing polka dots! http://www.thedotclub.org/dotday/ 

With the Book Fair set up in the library we will not be exchanging library books this week. We will return to our library schedule the first week of October. 

A few things we could use for our class:

  • We will be participating in an apple study this coming week. We could use a variety of apples, red, green, even yellow. 
  • We could use ENVIRONMENTAL PRINT clippings. Any items you have/use around your home when finished if you could clip the name and send it in. Examples: cereal labels, snack labels, zip locks. (I will take these any time!)
  • We could use kid friendly magazines. They will be used to look for shapes, letters, words… any standard we are working on we will use our EAGLE eyes to find real life examples. (They will be used to cut things out of so please only send if you do not need them back).

Week 4

What a wonderful week! We visited the computer lab for our first time, thank you Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Loveless for ALL of your help Monday! Everyone was able to explore and play on ABCya!

We had another exciting mystery reader, Mrs. Shafi with a very neat story about pirates! We were able to make great connections with her story. 

Our literacy and math stations are in full swing, we are mastering our standards as well as, working with others, accountability, and responsibility. 

Parent Conferences: Generally we begin conferences in October, if you would like to meet or chat sooner, I am more than happy to coordinate a time for you!

I will send a sign up soon to begin scheduling conferences. 

Coming up in Kindergarten:

I can sort items by color and record my findings.

I know I am an American and I can identify the American Flag.

I can use look at the pictures to help read tricky words.

I can identify names of 2D and 3D shapes.

I can visualize a story in my mind and illustrate or write a sentence to tell about it.

I can tell you if two words rhyme or do not.I can sort objects by their physical properties. (color, texture, shape)

I know the letters Ii, Tt, Pp, Ff, Ee - I know the names of these letters, the sounds they make and how to write them. 

I know the sight words I & like. This week we are learning see & the. 

Upcoming events:


17 Constitution Day: Students Wear Red, White, & Blue

23 CES Celebrates International Dot Day-Wear Polka Dots

23-27 Book Fair in the Library 8:10 am -4:10 pm

25 Desserts with Dad 5:00-7:00 pm

26 Lunch with a GRAND One (Last names A-L) Preregister HERE

27 Lunch with a GRAND One (Last names M-Z) Preregister HERE

Week 3

This week was full of exciting events and GREAT learning! We learned number poems to reinforce how to write numbers 1-5. We worked together so wonderfully in reading and math centers! Learned so many neat things about our classmates during our ME BAG presentations (a few more to complete on Monday). 

We visited the library for the first time and loved getting to meet Mrs. Fredrichs, hear her neat story and got to choose a book on our own. 

We had our very first Watch Dog of the year, what a treat to get to have Mr. Adams, Sami’s dad join us for the day! HUGE thanks to Mr. Adams for his time. 

We had our very first Mystery Reader, how exciting that was. Your clues were wonderful and the anticipation of when our mystery reader would get there was so much fun! Thank you, Mrs. Harmon for taking time out of your day to come visit and read a wonderful story about emotions. We all loved it and how neat to hear the connections they were making. 

Wednesday your student came home with a new library book in a large white drawstring bag. You may keep this book and bag at home (to enjoy together) until the following Wednesday. 

Each Wednesday please help your student to remember to bring their book AND bag back to school. The bag is provided to help protect our library books from being damaged in our backpacks or water spills. 


In your students RED daily folder they brought home quite a bit of class work from the past few weeks. Each student also received a birthday invitation - it is a bright pink envelope. 

Please remember to send this folder to school each and everyday. Things may not come home everyday but it is a great communication source as well as teaching responsibilities and routines. 

Also, Wednesday folders come home each Wednesday with information from our school and community - please return as soon as possible to prepare for the following week. 

Mystery Reader Update: We are always learning and we learned we need more time! I have adjust our Mystery Reader time from 3:30-3:45, to 3:15-3:35. If you would like to join us as a Mystery Reader you can sign up here.

We are looking forward to our first Computer Lab visit, tomorrow! Thank you to those who have volunteered to help us get logged on and to a game to play. If you are able to help you may sign up here. 

Upcoming Events:


9 TISD Board Meeting 5:30 PM

12 Fall Pictures: Prepay Order Form

13 Art Teachers Appreciation Day (Nguyen and Trammell)

13 September Birthday Book Club (8:10-8:30): Parent Preregister HERE

17 Constitution Day: Students Wear Red, White, & Blue

23-27 Book Fair in the Library 8:10 am -4:10 pm

25 Book Fair After School Dad Event 5:00-7:00 pm

26 Lunch with a GRAND One (Last names A-L) Preregister HERE

27 Lunch with a GRAND One (Last names M-Z) Preregister HERE

Week 2

The second week of kindergarten has been full of exciting events! 

We visited social centers, we had our first fire drill, and spent time predicting what would happen next in the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, we practiced retelling the story in order, we made personal connections with the story, brainstormed solutions to the problem in the story - we even had a STEM activity to work together to build a chicka chicka boom boom tree and see how many letters our tree could hold. We even explored coconut with our 5 senses! 

You can find pictures here

It was wonderful to see so many of you last night at Parent Orientation - I will be attaching the slides from both presentations to my web page, under PARENT ORIENTATION tab. 

Our class will begin Mystery Readers next week - you may read more about what a mystery reader is and sign up here. 

Every Monday we will visit the computer lab from 1:15-2:00. It would be helpful to have parent volunteers to assist in helping students login - and get on the game we are playing that day, and helping them get back to it! You may sign up here. I have asked for 3 parents the first two months, then 2 parents through December then hoping to only need one volunteer in the Spring. 

Tuesday is the last day to purchase #myeverything t-shirt - we wear this shirt on field trips, field day, and many other special days. You can find the link here.

We love when dads or father figures are able to volunteer as Watch D.O.G.S - the sign up is available now. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Upcoming events:


2-Labor Day; Staff and Student Holiday

3-Last Day to Purchase #myeverything t-shirt

5-Parent Orientation 1st, 3rd, 5th; 5:30-7:00 PM

6-Holy Smoke BBQ Spirit Night 

9-TISD Board Meeting 5:30 PM

12-Fall Pictures: Prepay Order Form

13-Art Teachers Appreciation Day (Nguyen and Trammell)

13-8:10-8:30 September Birthday Book Club

What a wonderful first week!

What a WONDERFUL first week of Kindergarten we had! 

We were busy exploring our school with Pete the Cat scavenger hunt, working together to build puzzles, working on fine motor skills with stickers, painting, and STEM bins.  Check out our pictures here


Starting this week we will have community snack, you will not need to send a snack for your student, unless they are particular with snacks or your preference. 

Thank you to the families that have signed up to contribute to our class snack. 

If you would like to sign up for a week you can find our sign up link here


You patience with dismissal is much appreciated! We know the beginning of anything new takes practice - but persistence is paying off! 

Transportation changes need to be sent through the front office. You may send a handwritten note with your student stating, your name and phone number, their name +Mrs. Franks, with how they are going home. If it is on a bus, please provide address they will be taken to. 

As always please let me know if you have any questions. 


Your student will begin bringing home a RED daily folder this week. This folder is expected to travel home and back to school each day. This folder will contain weekly poems you may review and re read for fluency. There will be dry erase page to practice handwriting. I will send home new games and activities through this folder. This folder will soon be where we keep our ‘readers.’ Most importantly there will be a clear pocket in the folder - this is the safest place to send notes or anything I need to see! 


Wednesday folders will begin coming home this Wednesday. This folder is red and white. Please review and keep the information at home and return the folder on Thursdays. 


I hope to see you all this Thursday evening at our Parent Orientation. August 29th, 5:30-7:30 (parents only please). This is a great opportunity to learn information about Creekview and Kindergarten. 


A task to work on with your student, practicing tying their shoes! 

Upcoming events: 


26-Lunch Visitors Welcome Beginning Today (Odd Dates: KDG, 2nd, 5th; Even Dates: 1st, 3rd, 4th)

28-Room Parent Information Meeting 9AM and 5PM; Library

29-KDG, 2nd and 4th Parent Orientation (Parents Only Please) 5:30-7PM

30-Watch DOGS Sign Ups Available at 8AM



2-Labor Day; Staff and Student Holiday

3-Last Day to Purchase #myeverything t-shirt

5-Parent Orientation 1st, 3rd, 5th; 5:30-7:00 PM

6-Holy Smoke BBQ Spirit Night

9-TISD Board Meeting 5:30 PM

12-Fall Pictures

13-Art Teachers Appreciation Day (Nguyen and Trammell)

13-8:10-8:30 September Birthday Book Club