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The best ways to get in contact with me will be through email. Feel free to contact me for anything! Communication between us is very important and will help make this year a good one!


Email: malloriecapistran@tomballisd.net

Google Voice: 832-825-1807



Digital Learning Update

Dear 3rd Grade Parents,

We hope that this email finds you and your family safe and healthy!  Although we are sad that we won’t be returning to school this week, we completely understand the decision made by our district to focus on the safety of our students, our families, and our staff.  Please pass on our best wishes and hugs to your child as we navigate these uncharted waters.

As a third grade team, some of us are in the process of preparing NEW Google Classrooms to be utilized during this time of extended absence from school.  Instructions for accessing the new Google Classrooms (or the existing individual Google Classrooms) are attached to this email. All digital learning materials will be accessible through these Google Classrooms.  Because your child has two different content teachers, he/she will need to join the Google Classroom for Math/Science and the Google Classroom for English Language Arts/Social Studies. Your child is not currently enrolled in the newly formed Google Classrooms so he/she will need to follow the attached instructions in order to join them.  Please note that students will need to be signed into their school Google Account in order to access the classrooms and all posted materials, activities, and assignments. In the event that we need to provide remote learning opportunities beyond April 10th, we will continue to use these Google Classrooms to provide additional materials, activities, and assignments.  

As per instruction from our district administrators, this week (March 16th - 20th) is an extended Spring Break.  This week is NOT a week of remote learning.  At this time, the 3rd grade teachers may be sharing optional activities online through our new Google Classrooms as mentioned above to be used at your discretion; however, these are not required assignments or activities since we are not officially launching our digital learning platform until next Monday, March 23rd. Moving forward beyond this week, beneath each subject title, you will find access to some available resources and activities specific to each subject area.  We, the classroom teachers, will be providing a plan for the weeks ahead for all subject areas which will include any necessary resources and activities specific to the different subject areas.  We are asking you, our parents, to continue to serve as a support at home very much the same way you have done in the past.  

Please let us know if you have any issues or concerns accessing the new (or existing) Google Classrooms mentioned in this email.  We will be happy to trouble-shoot and help you and your child access what they need. We thank you for your understanding and patience during this time!  Again, if there is anything that you need, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Thank you,

The 3rd Grade Teachers

How to log into Clever at Home

I have had some questions about how to log into Clever at home. When you access clever with your child's log in, they have access to all of our resources we use in class. Such as; Google Classroom, Xtra Math and more.
Here is a link that will take you to our CES website that provides you with the log in information.
I hope this helps!

Looking Ahead- March

We have now wrapped up the 3rd grading period. Can you believe it? Here is an update on the skills we will be working on during the 4th grading period.
We will begin looking at the many different environments we have on Earth. Then we will go into Life Cycles.
When we return from spring break, we will be moving into measurement. In 3rd grade, measurement includes area, perimeter, capacity and elapsed time.
Area: The students will be able to determine the square units of a figure. We use models very similar when learning multiplication. They will already have some knowledge to build upon.
Perimeter: The students will be asked for find the perimeter of different shapes. They will have to measure shapes in inches or centimeters then total up the sides to find the perimeter. They will also be learning how to find the perimeter when given all but one side and the total perimeter. We have finished shapes and their knowledge of shapes will help them.
Elapsed Time: The students will be given a time, and then asked to tell the end or starting time of a given situation. The students have prior knowledge of telling time to the minute. This is something you can practice at home too!
For example: You left your house at 5:15 and it took you 20 minutes to get to the party. What time did you arrive?
Capacity: The students will be able to identify the appropriate unit of measurement for objects for weight and volume. 
For Example: A car would be weighed in tons. You would measure a water bottle in fluid ounces. We weigh ourselves in pounds. If you are traveling, you measure the distance in miles/kilometers.
Brainpop Jr has great videos to watch on these topics.
You can log in using Username: creekviewel Password: learn

Next week we are celebrating Read Across America Week! Here is the list of the optional dress up days if your child would like to join in.

Looking Ahead- February 18

We have wrapped up our Fractions unit from the last post. The kids loved using the manipulatives and learning to compare fractions. They all did a great job!
What is Next in Math?
We are moving into Geometry until Spring Break and will continue after Spring Break. There will not be an assessment until after Spring Break. 
Over this unit, the students will be learning the characteristics of 2D and 3D shapes. Our focus this year is that the kids can sort and classify shapes by their attributes in many different ways. We will spend our time discussing the many ways to describe these shapes and sort them. 
sides, vertices, polygon, quadrilateral, trapezoid, parallelogram, square, rectangle, triangle, right angle, congruent, rhombus...
Faces, edges, vertices, prism, sphere, cube...
Even though we are moving into other units and skills, we still continue to work on the skills previously taught. You will still see some place value, addition/ subtraction/ multiplication/ division word problems on assessments. 
What is Next in Science?
We have finished up Soil and Natural Resources. We are moving into the Solar System! The students will learn facts about the planets, order of the planets, and understand how the moon orbits the earth. This is fun unit with lots of research!
Have a Great Weekend! 
Mrs. Capistran

Week of January 21

January 21

I hope you all had a great long weekend!

This week in Math:

In math, we have wrapped up division and multiplication and are moving into fractions. We will be teaching the kids how to compare fractions with models and on a numberline. We only compare fractions with the same denominator or the same numerator this year. They will be able to tell if two fractions are equivalent as well. In 3rd grade, the students will be introduced adding unit fractions such as ½ + ½ = 2/2 or 1 whole. 

This week in Science:

We are continuing to learn about soil and will begin discussing Natural Resources soon. We will assess the kids the week of January 30th.


Homework will begin this week and will continue through May. You will see a page come home called “Countdown to STAAR”. This will be our homework. Homework will be sent home on Monday and returned on Thursday. (Unless otherwise told) I will provide your child with a folder to keep their work in. 

The skills on the homework page are skills we have learned and are continuing to practice. There will be questions over skills we have not learned and those questions will have and “x” on them. You are welcome to help your child with these.

Your child should be able to complete this on their own, but you are welcomed to help them out as needed or check over it. We will check it in class on Friday. 

Week of January 13

Welcome Back!
I hope each of you had a great break. We had a great week back. As the semester begins here are some things to look ahead at what we will be learning about.
We are wrapping up multiplication and division. We have learned how to solve one and multi step problems with facts up to 10x10. The students are able to look at an array and strip diagram and determine which fact is represented.
For example:
Matt has 3 bags of apples. Each bag has 9 apples. How many apples does Matt have?
Matt has 15 apples. He puts the apples into 3 bags. How many apples are in each of the bags?
Students have also learned how to multiply 2 digit by 1 digit! (23 x 6)
Looking Ahead: We will be moving to fractions in the next few weeks. Our focus will be with comparing fractions with like denominators, equivalent fractions, and fractions on a number line. We will use fraction circles to manipulate, pictures with models, and number lines to help us learn.
We are moving into learning about soil. We focus on how soil is made and the different types of soil.This will lead us into discussing Natural Resources.

Week of December 9

This week we are continuing our learning of 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication. We learned three ways to solve. 
*Equal Groups with friendly numbers
*Area model
*a version of Standard Algorithm
Your child has found a strategy that they are the most successful with. 
Fact Focus:
Our facts this week are 0 and 1's.
The following week we are focusing on 3's.
A great way to help your child is to practice their multiplication facts.
We are continuing our unit on rapid changes to earth's surface. We have discussed how earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides.

Field Trip Information

Good morning!
Just wanted to send a reminder that Friday, December 6th, is our 3rd grade field trip to see “The Nutcracker” ballet at Tomball High School. This is a special treat as the only guests invited to attend this special performance are the 3rd grade students from all the elementary schools in Tomball ISD!  No special sack lunches are needed as we will be eating in the cafeteria before we leave, and we will not be needing any adult chaperones. A permission slip for the upcoming field trip will be going home in TODAY'S Wednesday Folder!  Please return the permission slip tomorrow if possible!
Thank you so much!  Have a great Wednesday!

Week of November 11-15

November 11-15

This week we are learning….


I can solve multiplication facts up to 10x10 using various strategies.

*Recalling Fact

*Equal Groups


*Repeated Addition

*Strip Diagram

*Area Model


I can identify the cause of the change in position in an object. 

We are beginning our unit on Force and Motion. We will be exploring the ways in which objects move.

Update from Mrs. Glenewinkel

Thank you for your words of support and encouragement as we transition our 3rd Grade English Language Arts/Social Studies teaching position.  I wanted to send an update to keep our lines of communication open during the hiring process.  The job opening was posted last week to our district website and several interviews have been scheduled for the upcoming week.  Our candidates range from a current student teacher to a veteran TISD teacher. 
Please know that our team is committed to finding the right candidate for our students versus rushing into filling the position; however, we do have a sense of urgency as consistency for our students is important.
While we are working through the hiring process, our team  former highly qualified Creekview teachers will provide support to our students in the form of small group reading instruction in order to maintain student growth in the area of literacy.
Our third grade teacher team along with our instructional specialists are collaborating to ensure our students experience the least academic and emotional impact possible and continue learning at high levels.
Our students have responded with flexibility and positivity demonstrating grit.  Please continue to encourage and praise your children along with us during our transition.
If you have an upcoming parent/teacher conference scheduled, please plan to keep your appointment with Mrs. Capistran.  She is prepared to share all content area performance information.
As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or feedback.
Niesa Glenewinkel

Weekly Focus ELA and Social Studies

Weekly Focus 11/4-11/8

Reading- The students will finish learning about  rhyme scheme, stanzas, lines, and sound devices found  in narrative poetry. The students will review in class today and will be assessed at the end of the week.

Writing- We will continue to study the different structures of poems and explore plural nouns that are written with the ending; s, es, and ies.  We are on week 8 spelling list (er and or). Spelling List Week 8

Social Studies- The students will continue learning about the three branches of government.

Week of November 4-8

November 4 -8 

This week we are learning….


I can use the 5 point problem solving model to solve one and multi step addition and subtraction word problems.

We will soon be moving into multiplication! The kids are very excited. One way for you to support your child at home would be to begin practicing multiplication facts with them. We will learn different strategies to solve multiplication and division facts in class. 


I can identify the cause of the change in position in an object. 

We are beginning our unit on Force and Motion. We will be exploring the ways in which objects move.

Reading Weekly Focus

Weekly Focus 10/28- 11/1

Reading- The students will study rhyme scheme, stanzas, lines, and sound devices found  in narrative poetry. 

Writing- We learn about similes and use them to write sensory poems.   We are on week 7 spelling list (short i, o, and u). Week 7 Spelling List (PDF)

Social Studies- The students will continue learning about the three branches of government.