Welcome to Our Class!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach fifth grade this year. I am looking forward to a wonderful year.



The best ways to get in contact with me will be through email. Feel free to contact me for anything! Communication between us is very important and will help make this year a good one!


Email: malloriecapistran@tomballisd.net




Week of November 15

Hello Families! 
Thanksgiving break is next week! I cannot wait to eat some yummy food and spend time with family. I also cannot wait to hear about all the wonderful things my scholars will do during break. 
This week, we will be working on simplifying fractions, converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vise versa. Our scholars did well last week with prime and composite & factors and multiples. I am excited to move on with our fraction unit. We will also be pepering in some Order of Operations this week too!
Students did receive homework that will be due on Friday November 19th.  They will not get homework this coming Friday, but will get it when they return from Thanksgiving Break.
As a reminder, please check with your student to see if they are in need of supplies and make sure they have headphones to use in class. 
We are now entering a time in the school year where students are comfortable in the classroom. This is amazing but also brings some challenges. A few that I am seeing are with talking, following directions and respecting others. One way to support us is to have conversations with your scholars about the importance of following directions, giving all of their effort and showing respect. I will continue to discuss our life principles, but my focus will be respect and integrity.  My goal is to not only teach your scholar math, but to also continue to help build them socially and emotionally.
Last thing! 
Thank you to the families who helped our class out with the Operation games. I am excited for us to use these on Friday!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns or celebrations.

Week of November 1

I cannot believe we are already heading into November! I had so much fun dressing up last week for Red Ribbon Week. I loved seeing all of the students participating too!
This week week we are wrapping up Unit 2. The homework this week is mixed problem solving to help prepare them for the test on Friday. 
Monday we will complete a daily grade on Dividing with decimals. The students have done very well with division! I am so proud of their work. 
We will work on problem solving with all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) this week to prepare for the Unit 2 test on Friday. 
Looking ahead, we will be moving into our unit on fractions. We will learn about adding fractions, multiplying fractions and dividing fractions.

Week of October 25th

We have an exciting week this week. We are celebrating Red Ribbon Week!
Monday- PJ Day
Tuesday- Neon, bright colors, tie dye, peace signs.
Wednesday- Wear sunglasses
Thursday- Wear Red
Friday- Book Character Dress up Day! We will have a parade to show off our book characters!
I cannot wait to see what my students have in store!
This week we will be moving into dividing decimals. We worked hard with dividing whole numbers last week. 
Homework is due on Friday October 29th. Each student received graph paper with 10 questions attached. You can help support your student when it comes to homework. I am also always here to help them out. 
Reminder: Please send your scholar with headphones to school. They will need then in class almost daily.
We are going to have a great week!

Week of October 18

This week we will finish up multiplying whole numbers and decimals. (3 digit by 2 digit). 
Monday, we will review for our Multiplication Assessment that will be Tuesday. You will be able to find the review in Schoology today. 
We will begin division with whole numbers and up to 2 digit divisors. We will look at having remainders in these equations. 
Friday October 22 is the Creekview Howl. I hope to see you all there! Next week is Red Ribbon Week. Check out the PTO page to see the days planned.

Week of 10/12

This week in math, we will focus on multiplying decimals. We are using models and standard algorithm to solve. We will look at number lines and hundredths models.
We will also be focusing on problem solving throughout the week as well. 
There is no homework this week. The students did very well on their last assessment, and I wanted to reward them.

Week of 10/4

I can't believe that we are wrapping up our first grading period this week! 
This week we are going to begin learning about multiplying decimals. We will learn how to by using a model and standard. Check out these videos to see what it looks like.
This week, scholars will be taking a beginning of the year Interim Assessment. This assessment is not a grade. It will give me data to continue to support all of our students in their learning path. Math will be on Tuesday and Reading will be on Wednesday. 
Homework Reminder: Completion of homework over the grading period is  counted as a daily grade. I remind students daily about homework and we write it in our planners each Friday for the following week. Please remind your child as well about their homework each week. 
Color Run: This Friday October 8th, we are having our color run! Our students will run 11:30- 12:05. It is also a half day, so students are dismissed at 12:40pm.

Week of 9/26

This week we are your scholars will be diving into multiplication.
5.3B The student is expected to multiply with fluency a three-digit by a two-digit number using the standard algorithm.
We review over area and perimeter (5.4H).
We will have a test review on Thursday 9/30. The test will be on Friday 10/1. This test covers all that we have taught so far this year. The homework for this week, is a review for the test too.
This week, your student has a blue homework sheet to complete. Reminder that homework will be counted as a daily grade. If you student is not turning in their homework, it will effect their grade.
Keep you eye out this Wednesday for a blue sheet with information regarding your scholars performance this year so far. You will sign the sheet and return in letting me know if you would like to hold a face to face conference or you choose not to. I would love to meet with each of you! Each scholar will get this sheet from their homeroom teacher. 
Take Care!

Week of 9/20

This week we will be focusing on problem solving with Adding and Subtracting whole numbers and decimals. We worked on adding and subtracting decimals last week and the students did great. 
We will have a daily grade this week and then the test at the end of the week on Adding and Subtracting with decimals. We will review on Thursday to prepare for the test.
Remember that homework is due on Friday!

Week of 9/13

This week we will be moving into Unit 2.
We will begin with Estimating sums and differences. Students will be asked to estimate before finding the sum or difference of two numbers. We will use a real world example of going to a store and estimating the cost of items. 
We will move into Adding and Subtracting decimals and whole numbers. These are skills that your scholar learned in 4th grade, so nothing new yet. We are focusing on computation with a little bit of problem solving this week. Next week, we will focus on the problem solving aspect.
Homework this week is due on Friday. It is digital this week and your child can print it or work it out on notebook paper to turn in. Reminder that homework is a grade in 5th grade. Please help them learn how to be a responsible scholar by reminding them about it. 
You can find the document here on my website under homework, in an email I sent or on Schoology. 
We are going to have a great week!

Week of 9/7

Our focus this week is..
We will continue to work on Place Value, comparing and ordering decimals, and rounding decimals.
We will review for our Unit 1 Test Wednesday and the test will be given on Thursday. On Friday, the students will have time to complete their test and complete test reflections. Test reflections allow students to analyze their work to reflect on their successes and where to improve.  
Next week, we will begin to move into Unit 2.

Week of 8/30

Our focus this week will be ordering and comparing decimals to the thousandths.
Students are expected to order numbers with decimals least to greatest, greatest to least, and equal (3.4 = 3.40)
We will also go into rounding decimals.
Looking Ahead:
We will be wrapping up unit one the week of 9/6 and will be taking the unit 1 test that week. A review will go home as homework this week.

Week of 8/23

Hello Fifth Grade Families!
Here is what we will be doing in Math this week.
I can represent numbers with decimals to the thousandths. 
I can represent decimals to the thousandths in standard form, word form, expanded form and expanded notation.
three and 6 hundred 73 thousandths
( 3 x 1) + (6 x .1) + (7 x .01) + ( 3 x .001)
We will be taking our beginning of the year screener called Star Renaissance on Friday of this week