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If you find an issue with your child's T-Shirt order PTO has requested that you please text.....
Stephanie at (281) 455-5720

Week of Oct. 16-20

We will continue to focus on our Narrative.
We will identify the properties of Mixtures and Solutions. 
Spelling List Week 6
2nd 9 Weeks Choice Board will be going home today and will be posted under the homework tab. 
Fall Picture Day Oct. 19th
**MONSTER HOWL Saturday, Oct. 21**
PTO is in need of Volunteers Please check out the sign up sheet below. 
4th Graders are welcome to Volunteer as well!!! 
What a great way to show appreciation and live our Life Principles:) 

Week of Oct. 10-13

We will generate more ideas for our narrative composition and identify what makes a quality writing topic and why. 
We will do quick writes daily on some of our ideas to practice getting our thoughts down quickly. After choosing our quality narrative topic, we will sketch out the beginning, middle, and end of our narrative topic.
All of these strategies will inspire us to become more skilled writers.
Our Grammar focus this week will be Homophones and review subject, predicate, nouns, action verbs, and adjectives. 
We will learn how to measure volume of a liquid using a graduated cylinder.
We will discuss the physical property and the density of an object to determine  why it sinks or floats.
Spelling test Friday
Choice Board Homework Due Friday
***Next week we will start a new Choice Board for the 2nd 9 Weeks***
Up and Coming Events 
  • No need to stress about dinner tonight: Crust Pizza Spirit Night is tonight so come out and support our school.
  • Monster Howl will be here before you know it, so get tickets and wrist bands soon
  • Fall Picture day in Oct. 19
  • NOTE: The week of Oct. 23-27th Mrs. Nichols homeroom class will present RISE and SHINE so be ready to come see your 4th grader shine on stage. All students will need to be at school this week on time. We will meet in the extra music room right off the cafeteria. Rise and Shine will begin promptly at 8:30. 
  • Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23-27 
  • Information from our PTO
    Our Creekview Elementary PTO subscribes to the MySchoolAnywhere service for our family and faculty directories, online store, volunteer signups and email communications. It's secure, easy to use, and free to families.  
    Follow the link below to get your family signed up. You will have access to all volunteer opportunities, other kids in your child's homeroom class, and access to all teachers' email.
    Acceptance:  To ensure your family data is secure, all family submissions will be reviewed.  Upon acceptance, you'll receive an email with login credentials and instructions for accessing the system.  

Parent Conference Day

Hi Parents, 
I have a few more spots open for parent conferences day tomorrow. I first sent this out to parents who expressed interest during Parent Orientation day, but now, I am opening it to anyone who would be interested in a phone or in person conference.
If you would like a conference and these times do not work for you, please email me anytime, and I would be glad to set up a different time and day that works best. 
The link is attached below. 

Week of Oct. 2-6

We will begin brainstorming ideas for our next Narrative Composition. We will look at the writing process in more detail and discuss ways to make our writing deeper. We will talk about different leads "hooks." 
We will begin discussing density and how to read liquid volume. 
Spelling List 4
Choice Board due Friday
Study words nightly 
Early Release Friday, Oct. 6
No school Monday, Oct. 9
***More events are posted in the Upcoming Events tab on my Website*****

Week of Sept. 25-29

School Events:
Parent Orientation Night for grades 3-5 Thursday, Sept. 28th 5:45-6:15 
As we finish up our first narrative composition this week, I would like to celebrate  your child's hard work this Friday. So I am going to introduce the kids to a new and fun way to share their writing. We will be partnering up with Ms. Khoobiar's class for "FLASHLIGHT FRIDAY."  We will "Light Up" their writing and take turns reading it to a buddy. Please provide your child with a small handheld flashlight with their name on it that can be kept at school all year for this fun activity.
We will be diving into the 3 states of matter and will be going to the lab for the first time this week. Whoo Hoo!!
New words are posted in the Homework tab.
Choice Board homework is due Friday.
Spelling Test Friday 

Week of Sept. 18-23

School Events:
Spirit Night: Spring Creek BBQ 5:00-8:00 
(Mrs. Nichols will be serving from 6:00-6:30) 
We will begin writing our first Narrative Composition over the picture we brought last week. We will pre-write, develop ideas using some details, revise/edit and publish the composition.
We will be identifying what makes a complete sentence and what the subject and predicate is. 
We will identify adjectives in sentences and in our own writing. 
Week 2 words
Spelling Test Friday
Choice board activity due Friday
We will create our weather section in our journal to track the weather weekly throughout the year.
We will begin talking about states of matter and its properties. 

Week of Sep. 11-15

This week in Writing we are going to focus on:
  • Narrative Writing Topics
  • Writing Process
  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Simple Sentences
For our lesson Thursday, please send a picture with your child to school that you wouldn't mind them gluing down in their journal. We will be using this picture as a "snap shot" in time that holds a memory we could write about. Some suggestions for the picture: a vacation, a sporting event, a fun day with the family, a holiday or birthday celebration. This picture will be the focus of our Narrative writing. 
**Each week we will have 20 words and a test on Friday. Spelling words will be glued into our planner each week. I am asking that every Monday night you check your child's planner for spelling words, homework assignments and school events.  Please sign your child's planner every MONDAY ONLY under the Monday column. Along with their spelling words, your child will be given a spelling choice board that they will work on for the whole 9 Weeks. The choice board has a variety of spelling activities that your child can do to make the studying process more fun. Spelling studying tips: Monday: Give you child a pretest and see which words they do not know. Make those words the focus to study for the week. Tuesday: Have your child chose a choice form the choice board and work on it. Wednesday: study words the old fashion way say it, spell it, write it. Thursday: night give them another test.  
This week in Science we are going to focus on:
  • Safety in the Lab
  • Weather symbols 
  • Weather tracking in our journal
Please email me if you have any questions about this weeks lessons or the spelling information: 

Conduct Sheet

Conduct sheets went home today in our fourth graders' folders for the first time. Please look over it, sign, and send it back to school with your student tomorrow.
I wanted to share a brief explanation with you regarding how conduct grades are figured. We explained to the students today that we have high expectations of our students in fourth grade. For a student to be considered "excellent," the student needs to truly have had excellent behavior, meaning that a teacher has not had to correct the child's behavior at all that week. "Satisfactory" means that their behavior has been acceptable, but not perfect. If a student generally has good behavior, but sometimes needs a reminder of how to behave, this is the conduct grade that will be assigned. That being said, please don't panic if you child has an S for one or more of their classes this week. It means they are normal! While "E" is certainly something to strive for, "S" is another indicator of acceptable behavior at school.
The other fourth grade teachers and I have been bragging about how wonderful your children are for the past few weeks. We are lucky to have such great students!
Thanks for your support. Let me know if you have any questions!

Welcome Back!

 Wow! Proud be be a Texan has a whole new meaning after this last week. I pray that everyone is safe and recovering with their loved ones. I wanted to send an email out sooner, but like so many others we have been helping in anyway we can.
As we all heal our hearts, I want you to rest assure that I can't wait to greet "my" kids with the biggest HUG and a smile Tuesday morning.  We will be decorating our Writer's notebook so they can bring in all their fun crafting supplies. My goal is to have an easy day back and not bring anymore stress to the kids.  I can't wait to get see everyone Tuesday, and if you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime. 

School Closure

Tomball ISD has made the decision to close Friday, August 25 and Monday, August 28th. 
 I will update when I know more and please stay safe.