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Mrs. Williams-Kindergarten

Kindergarten 2017-2018
Mrs. Williams
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Recent Posts

Red Ribbon Week

Monday 10/23- Red-y to be drug free (Wear red)

Tuesday 10/24- Turn your back on drugs (wear shirt/hat backwards)

Wednesday 10/25- Unity Day (wear your orange bully free shirt, or any other orange)

       *2:30-3:30 Red Ribbon Week School Wide Assembly* Newton the Dragon: Presented by former Rockets mascot, Clutch

Thursday 10/26- Team up (wear a jersey)

Friday 10/27- Our future is key (career dress day)

Shirt Orders

If you have any issues with the shirts you ordered, please text Stephanie at (281) 455-5720. And please don’t post on Facebook because she may not see it. Thank you.

Questions and Concerns

I have received numerous questions and concerns regarding, Mr. Aston's resignation. Please contact Central Administration if you would like to discuss these concerns. The students and I discussed it this morning and they are handling it very well. The phone number to Central Administration is  (281) 357-3100. Dr. Zamora is on campus today as well. We are saddened by his resignation and wish him the best. 

This week

October 16-20, 2nd 9 weeks begins this week!
  • Reading:  making predictions and inferences, retelling the story focusing on characters and their traits
  • Phonics: rhyming (generating) and syllables in words
  • Writing: revising stories to add more details and editing to add spaces between words, personal narratives 
  • Math: Sorting and classifying 2D and 3D shapes based on geometric attributes
  • Social Studies:  Jobs at home, school and in our community
  • Science:  Energy
Thank you PTO for providing snacks on Friday!  
Also, thank you to those of you that have shown up for conferences.
A Red Ribbon flyer went home in Wednesday folders.
School pictures are this Thursday!
Monster Howl is at TCES on Saturday from 4-8. 

Friday activity

This week in Social Studies we will be looking at maps and globes.  To celebrate our learning, I think it would be a great opportunity to create our own little tissue paper globes made from styrofoam balls.  In order to do this, I need some help with supplying the materials and some extra hands to help us!​  The plan is to do this Friday afternoon around 2:15.  Would you be willing to help with supplies and/or manpower?​  Here is what we need...

19-  3 or 4" syrofoam balls
several pieces of blue and green tissue paper
white glue (not glue sticks)
19 screw eyes/eye hooks

If you would like to assist your child in making their globe please make sure you have completed the Parent Volunteer Application. This must be filled out prior to working with all of our students. (This is the same for being a parent reader/computer lab helper). 

This week...

October 10-13
  • Reading:  pattern books, using pictures to read words, beginning sounds in words (look my is)
  • Phonics: rhyming
  • Writing: using ABC chart and word wall, writing beginning sounds, pattern books
  • Math: Numbers 0-10 focusing on 1 more, 1 less, and equal, drawing and building sets of numbers
  • Social Studies:  Positional Words to describe location of objects (prepositions) and maps/globes
  • Science:  Physical Properties of objects (length, size, mass)
Remember no school on Monday (10/9). 
Report cards will be going home soon.
Spirit Night at Crust (10/10)
Fall pictures 10/19

Week of Oct. 2

Please send your child with a small, stuffed animal this week for Social Studies. Please have it fit inside of their backpack. 
Writing-Personal Narrative/Start Pattern Books
Reading-Letters:Jj, Uu, Ww, Vv, Xx Reader's Build Stamina, Patterns in books
Math-Comparing Numbers 1 Less, 1 More, Equal 
Social Studies-Use terms including over, under, near, far, left and right to describe relative location. 
Reminder:Friday is an early release day!