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  Creekview Elementary is such a wonderful place for your children to learn and grow! I am so excited to be in my third year here in fourth grade this 2017-18 school year. It is going to be a memorable year with all of our fantastic students and our team of five 4th grade teachers!
Our PTO needs your HELP with the Monster Howl!
Follow this link to sign up and be a part:
Here is the link to our Parent Orientation Presentation in case you'd like to refer to it or you missed it:

Recent Posts

PTO Shirt Order

On Wednesday afternoon, I sent home the shirts that the PTO gave me for my students who had ordered them.  If you have any issues, the PTO member who headed up the volunteers who spent countless hours to get the shirt orders collected, shirts made, sorted, and distributed would like the opportunity to serve you further by making sure you got what you ordered!  You can contact her directly if you have any issues by text at 281-455-5720.  Her name is Stephanie Kerim.  Happy Friday!!!

Week of October 16

Our GE emphasis this week:

Life Principle of the Week:

Leadership is the ability to guide the actions and decisions of others

Quote of the Week

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. ~ John C. Maxwell

Word of the Week

Influence: means to have an effect on the character or behavior of someone

This week in Math we continue our Unit on Multiplication, with Division in our near future. To begin, we will use strategies in mental math.  Our fact fluency test this week will be x 3s,4s,6s,7s,8s and 9s. Having these facts memorized will go a long way with this unit in particular towards helping these concepts come more easily to your child.  In Science, we will look at Mixtures and Solutions. 
Upcoming Dates:
Fall Pictures will be Wednesday, October 19
Monster Howl at Timbercreek Elementary October 21 from 4-8pm

Newsflash from our GT specialist!

Calling all parents with a love for Math!  We are growing our TMSCA Teams this year.  There are a couple of ways you can help.  We need coaches for 3rd - 5th graders who will compete in in TMSCA tournaments. We need your expertise in the following categories:

* General Mathematics

* Number Sense (mental math)

* Calculator Applications

* Science

1. You can volunteer to coach at our weekly practices once a week or bi-weekly.

     (We have lots of resources to assist you).

2.  You can volunteer to record a lesson via video for our students to watch during 


We would love to have your help as we build a strong and competitive TMSCA team. 

Please contact Sheri Sims at with questions or to volunteer!  We appreciate you!

*TMSCA stands for Texas Math and Science Coaches Association for  University Interscholastic League  competitions.

Week of October 9

This week in Math we will finish our unit in addition and subtraction with a Unit Test on Thursday.  We will then begin the foundation for multiplication concepts such as modeling numbers using the commutative property and the associative property as well as using repeated addition as a bridge for multiplication. There will be no fact fluency test this Friday!  Next week will be mixed facts, so please continue to review and practice with your child.
In Science we will study density, buoyancy, magnetism and mixtures and solutions.  We will have an assessment over Properties of Matter on Wednesday. The notes in their INB will be available to them for the assessment.  
Important Notes:
Box Top collection continues and we are in a close race for first place in 4th!
-send more if you have them :)
Friday, October 13 will be the Birthday Book Club from 8:10-8:30.  Your student should receive an invite in their Wednesday folder if they are invited to attend.

My School Anywhere from the PTO

Here is some info from our PTO.  Please follow the link and be a part of all the great opportunities to serve here at Creekview!  I will also add the link to my sidebar here on the home page.
Our Creekview Elementary PTO subscribes to the MySchoolAnywhere service for our family and faculty directories, online store, volunteer signups and email communications. It's secure, easy to use, and free to families. 
Follow the link below to get your family signed up. You will have access to all volunteer opportunities, other kids in your child's homeroom class, and access to all teachers' email.
Acceptance:  To ensure your family data is secure, all family submissions will be reviewed.  Upon acceptance, you'll receive an email with login credentials and instructions for accessing the system.  


Manage your PTO anywhere

The Houston Astros will begin the postseason on Thursday with the first of a series of games against the Boston Red Sox.  The second game is on Friday and Creekview is going to show our support by wearing Astros orange on FRIDAY!! The Astros organization is encouraging the city to "Orange Out" Houston.  Use the #EarnHistory and share pics on Twitter for a chance to win ALDS tickets from MLB Network, in case you want to get your whole street involved and snap a pic! 

Week of October 2

Hello Parents! 
Thanks to all who were able to attend our Parent Orientation Night.  I realize life is hectic and your time is so valuable! I've added a link to our Parent Orientation Google Slide Presentation to the home page of this site for all who need to refer to it or missed the evening and would like to see what you missed.
This week will consist of four and a half days, with Friday being early dismissal at 12:50.  Our lunch time has been adjusted and will be from 12:07- 12:27. 
What we are learning:
In Math, we will subtract across zeros, model the addition and subtraction of decimals, and add/subtract decimals and money.  Our fact fluency will be x7s and x9s.  Please remind your student to prepare! 
In Science we will continue to explore Matter.  It will be a busy first week of October!!
  • I have added a link to the right side of my page for the new Creekview Transportation Change form.  In the event that you need to change your child's regular routine, it  would be so helpful towards ensuring a smooth process if you can use this form due to the fact that we get so many changes. 
  • When we know more about individual parent conferencing this year and setting up those times, you will be the first to hear, so be on the lookout sometime soon. 
  • We continue to collect box tops!  I think our class is doing pretty well at contributing, so many thanks to you all. 
Have a great rest of your weekend!!

Week of September 25

This week in Math we will begin by finishing the Unit 1 Test we started on Friday.  We will also put the finishing touches on our Mystery Number Projects.  Our study of math will then take us into the world of the properties of addition, estimating to solve addition and subtraction problems, and the algorithm for adding and subtracting (including numbers with decimals to the hundredths place).  In Science, we will continue tracking weather and begin a unit on Matter. 
Other News:
  • Parent Orientation is this upcoming Thursday from 5:45-7:45 pm at Creekview. It will start out in the cafeteria. Then there will be two back to back sessions informing you about 4th Grade.  If you have a 3rd or 5th grader as well, you can choose to go to each child's class at a different time. 
  • Boxtops are still being collected. Please send them in to help support our school. Thanks to those who have sent some in already!
  • October 6th- October Birthday Bookclub! 
  • October 19th- Fall Pictures! 

Week of September 18

This week in Math we will relate decimals to fractions, name decimals on a number line, and compare and order decimals.  We are aiming to conclude our week with a Unit 1 test.  This test will cover all that we have learned so far this year.  Our Friday fact fluency will cover 4s and 8s.  
In Science we will continue with our weather tracking and begin the study of Matter.  
  • Our PTO fundraiser at Spring Creek Barbeque on 2920 and Kuykendahl will be on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. Teachers will be serving from 5-8pm.  I think my time is around 6:30.  
  • Boy Scout info night is September 20 in the cafeteria from 6-8pm.

Creekview Spirit Shirts

 Message from our PTO:
Final Day to get orders in is tomorrow.  Friday, September 15, 2017.  There won't be any late orders accepted. Shirts will probably not be in until October due to Harvey.  I will follow this post with two posts including pictures.  Your order form went home in the Wednesday folders last week. 

Week of September 11

Hope you've all had a restful weekend.  I told the students we've had a gradual entry with 3 days the first week, 4 days last week, and a whole 5 day week to look forward to next week! 

This week in Math, we will be working with whole numbers and relationships between numbers with a special focus on place value.  We will be taking our beginning of year assessments on paper and with chromebooks.  These help me to see where the students are with the math they have learned in previous years and no preparation/studying is needed.  We will also take a fact fluency test on Monday (x 0,1,2,5,10) and on Friday (x3,6).  These are usually on Friday and take about 3 minutes of our time from passing out to picking up.

This week in Science, we will be exploring ways we can be safe in the science lab/classroom.  By the end of the week, we will also have charts set up in our interactive notebooks to track our weather.  

This week is statewide Celebrate Freedom Week.  

Monday, Sept. 11 “A Call for Courage”
Students wear red.
Tuesday, Sept. 12 “Loyalty to Our Land and Leaders”
Students wear blue.
Wednesday, Sept. 13 “Liberty Lives!”
Students wear white.
Thursday, Sept. 14 “Hats Off to Our Heroes”
Students wear red, white and blue
**Write a note of appreciation to a local hero**
Friday, Sept. 15 “Proud To Be An American”
Students wear a patriotic shirt or red, white and blue.


Lunch Menu Changes for Monday: The meal on the 28th of Aug. will be served on the 11th of Sept. The regular menu will begin on Sept. 12th.

The Tomball High School Homecoming Parade  is on Wednesday evening. The Homecoming football game is on Friday night. Our new coaching staff led the Cougars to a well-earned victory this past weekend in a season opening non-district game vs local 6A College Park High School.  There is much excitement and school spirit in the air this fall!

Looking ahead: 

Parent Orientation Night will be held on September 28, beginning at 6pm. 


Welcome Back & Wednesday Folders

It has been so nice to be back at school with the students! I had missed them while we were all home for the hurricane. They were in good spirits - I think they were (mostly) glad to be back too!
I know that many of our families experienced damage to their homes during Hurricane Harvey. If this true for you, and if I can help you in any way, please let me know. The other teachers and I are working to create a warm, caring environment for all of our students, but we would like to know how to best serve you and your children.
A Few Notes:
  • If you'd like to come have lunch with your child, our lunch time is 12:21-12:51. Our full schedule can be found on the schedule tab on my website.
  • We go to PE on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please make sure your child is wearing athletic shoes on those days!
  • Since we are really just now getting into the swing of things, we do not have any homework this week. Honestly, I will let you know when that will begin.  Given the extent of displacement in our community, we want to be sensitive to the needs of all of our families. That being said, this week will be filled with plenty of academic content here at school. 
  • Check your child's Wednesday folder.  We have many important forms going home this week all with extended deadlines due to the days off, including  PTO t-shirt order, Birthday Book Club forms, a new club opportunity from the high school football coach where the students run onto the field during home games, and a permission form for the Homecoming Parade (I plan to be I have high school student at THS and love all things involving Cougar spirit!!)  There is also a flyer about Celebrate Freedom Week.
Conduct Sheets
Conduct sheets went home today in our fourth graders' folders for the first time. Please look over it, sign, and send it back to school with your student tomorrow.

I wanted to share a brief explanation with you regarding how conduct grades are figured. We explained to the students today that we have high expectations of our students in fourth grade. For a student to be considered "excellent," the student needs to truly have had excellent behavior, meaning that a teacher has not had to correct the child's behavior at all that week. "Satisfactory" means that their behavior has been acceptable, but not perfect. If a student generally has good behavior, but sometimes needs a reminder of how to behave, this is the conduct grade that will be assigned. That being said, please don't panic if you child has an S for one or more of their classes this week. It means they are normal! While "E" is certainly something to strive for, "S" is another indicator of acceptable behavior at school.

The other fourth grade teachers and I have been bragging about how wonderful your children are for the past few weeks. We are lucky to have such great students!