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First Box Top Deadline is at the end of OCTOBER

One class from each grade level will win a popcorn and game party in the library! 




PTO is needing volunteers.  Here's the link to help: A9AC29A7F58-2017


This is what’s going on in First Grade this week.:



Library is Thursday.



Phonics/Sight words:  


We will be working on L blends.  The focus will be on the sl, cl, pl, bl blends for spelling.  Look for homework to come home in their red daily folders today to practice these skills.  We will take our spelling test on Friday.

Our sight words for this week are: the, little, play, have, with (REVIEW FROM PAST WEEKS) The students will take their sight word assessment on Thursday.

Here is our weekly phonics video:





Our readers will be learning how to use their schema to help them understand stories better.  They’ll learn that schema is their background knowledge.  This is all of their personal experiences and what they’ve read.  We will also be learning about the plot of a story.  They’ll learn how to find the characters, setting, problem, and solution in a story.






First grade writers will continue working on writing a small moment story.  They will be learning how to include who, what, when, and where in their writing.  They will be reminded that the readers should be able to picture the story you are telling in their minds as they are reading it.  





Our mathematicians are learning about place value to 20.  We are using linking cubes and base ten blocks to construct the numbers.  They are also learning how many tens and ones are in each number.  For example: 19 has 1 Ten and 9 Ones.  



Social Studies:


The students are learning about public leaders at each level of government.  For example: State- Governor, City- Mayor, Country- President.





Our first grade scientist are beginning to explore energy.  We will start by learning about sound energy.  They will learn that vibration creates sound.  They’ll also learn about pitch, as well as, soft and loud sounds. They will learn this by conducting various mini experiments/labs throughout the next couple of weeks.

10/27/17:    Box Top Contest Ends:  Please continue to send in box tops so we can try and win the CONTEST!
10/19/17:    School Pictures
Prodigy:  I am so proud of the students who continue to use this awesome resource at home on a regular basis. Please continue to do so.  It really improves math skills!  Please be careful that your children do not share log-in information or that your children do not do each other's work.  If this happens it will result in your child receiving instructional material that is not appropriate for their skill base and will produce reports that do not adequately reflect their skills.
Raz Kids:  Again, many of you continue to use this resource.  Remember to LISTEN only AFTER you READ and successfully complete the assessment.
READ at Home:  Read with your child 20 minutes a day and use some of the strategies suggested here or in their Daily Folder.  Make sure it is a fun and enjoyable learning experience.
SIGHT WORDS:  Continue to practice reading and writing the 1st 9 weeks sight words with your child.  It will enable them to grow as a reader and a writer.  You may want to get a jump on the 2nd 9 weeks sight words.
MY SCHOOL ANYWHERE SERVICE:  The PTO continues to encourage you to sign up for this service.  Please see further details and the link below.
Our Creekview Elementary PTO subscribes to the MySchoolAnywhere service for our family and faculty directories, online store, volunteer signups and email communications. It's secure, easy to use, and free to families.  
Follow the link below to get your family signed up. You will have access to all volunteer opportunities, other kids in your child's homeroom class, and access to all teachers' email.
Acceptance:  To ensure your family data is secure, all family submissions will be reviewed.  Upon acceptance, you'll receive an email with login credentials and instructions for accessing the system.  
Here is the information for RED RIBBON WEEK starting October 23rd.

Red Ribbon Week

Your Future is Key…Stay Drug Free

Monday, October 23rd Red-y to live a drug free life

Wear red clothing

Tuesday, October 24th Turn Your Back on Drugs

Wear shirt and hats backwards

Wednesday, October 25th

Unity Day

Wear orange clothing

Thursday, October 26th Team Up Against Drugs

Wear your favorite sports jersey

Friday, October 27th Our future is   key

Dress up as your future career

RAZ Kids login information: 
Teacher code: ksoto2
Below please find transportation change note!

SCHOOL PHONE:  281-357-3070 Email- Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have!  Thank you!