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If you have a tee-shirt problem....

Dear Parents, 
The Creekview PTO has asked for you to contact this phone number below if you have problems with a PTO tee shirt order.  The exact message is posted below:
"Could you email teachers to post on Edlio that any issues with shirts to text Stephanie at (281) 455-5720. And please don’t post on Facebook bc she may not see it. Thank you."

A note from our GT Specialist....

Calling all parents with a love for Math!  We are growing our TMSCA Teams this year.  There are a couple of ways you can help.  We need coaches for 3rd - 5th graders who will compete in in TMSCA tournaments. We need your expertise in the following categories:

* General Mathematics

* Number Sense (mental math)

* Calculator Applications

* Science

1. You can volunteer to coach at our weekly practices once a week or bi-weekly.

     (We have lots of resources to assist you).

2.  You can volunteer to record a lesson via video for our students to watch during 


We would love to have your help as we build a strong and competitive TMSCA team. 

Please contact Sheri Sims at with questions or to volunteer! We appreciate you!


A Note from our PTO President....

Our Creekview Elementary PTO subscribes to the MySchoolAnywhere service for our family and faculty directories, online store, volunteer signups and email communications. It's secure, easy to use, and free to families.  
Follow the link below to get your family signed up. You will have access to all volunteer opportunities, other kids in your child's homeroom class, and access to all teachers' email.
Acceptance:  To ensure your family data is secure, all family submissions will be reviewed.  Upon acceptance, you'll receive an email with login credentials and instructions for accessing the system.  


Manage your PTO anywhere
Joy Ryan

Parent Conferences - Fall, 2017

We hope you are having a great weekend.  The link to parent conferences is open.  Please sign-up as you can.  

It's time for Open House

Dear Parents, 
This Thursday, September 29, is Open House.  This year, because it was pushed back following the storm, we know that you have questions.  We hope that you are planning on coming.  We will be explaining policy as well as answering your questions about the up-coming weeks.  
The schedule for the evening is as follows:  

5:45- PTO, watch dogs, specials, bond

6:00- introduce teachers (then they head back to rooms)

6:15-6:55 -  classroom rotation 1

6:55- change rooms

7:00-7:40 -  classroom rotation 2

REMEMBER!  This is designed for parents with children in multiple grade levels.  If you only have a third grader (or a K-2 child) then you can leave after one session.  

This week in third grade.....

Dear Parents,
Well, we are in full motion in third grade.  The last component to be added will be homework, which I will not add until Open House out of respect for our families who are still trying to regain equilibrium after the hurricane.  If it was possible to delay longer, I would.
Because of this year's start, we are also a little sluggish about adding grades, but we are in the final 3 weeks of our first grading period, so these remaining weeks we will accumulate several grades.  
Two upcoming major grades:
Science test:  Toward the end of this week we will have a test about States of Matter and its physical properties.  Though I think we are in great shape based upon our lab visits, this is the content with which students need to be familiar:  
solid - fixed shape, piles up, rolls, collects; molecules packed with little to no space between
liquid - fills a container, has the shape of its container; molecules have space in between
gas - spreads out and goes outward and upward in all directions and fills area; molecules have much space between and bounce
mass - often confused with weight
matter is anything that has mass and takes up space
properties that we've experimented with in class:  texture, mass, color, shape, buoyancy, magnetism, and hardness
children will have to describe 2 properties of items; it will look like this:
I know that silly putty is a solid because it has a fixed shape and is non-magnetic.  
Yes, their complete sentence will be graded for grammar as well as content.  
Lastly, according to my pre-assessment, the only thing that I think is on shaky ground is the use of a ruler.  While the children can align at zero and give me the last number they see, they are not adept at understanding that measurement is the difference between the last digit and the first.  In third grade not every image they see on a test is aligned at zero.  As a result, if I have a paperclip that is placed between 3 and 5 cm on the ruler, only 7% of the children know that it is 2 cm long.  The other 93% think that it is 5 cm in length.  We have worked on it in class, but if you have time for home support that would be great, as well.
Writing Test:  Also, we are beginning to write a narrative that will be a major writing grade for this grading period.  Yes, it is challenging, but we are talking through every component of the process and we've been writing non-stop since school began.  I hope the children are chatting with you about it!   
I hope to see you all at Open House.  As always let us know as you have questions.

Attendance Matters...


Here are a few reminders from our registrar, Millicent Street. 

  • Ideally children need to be here by 8:30 to participate in Rise and Shine. 
  • If a child has to leave early for a doctor's appointment, if it is at all possible, we do not want them checked out after 3:20.
  • If a child is out, please send a signed and dated note or a doctor's note withing 5 days of returning to school.   





Here's the information for a district offering of a girls' STEAM opportunity.  I trust that you'll have a great day if your girl is interested.  

PTO Shirts - last call!!!!

Our awesome PTO has asked us to send a reminder that all Spirit Wear orders are due this Friday, September 15th.  

Late orders will not be accepted this year.  

September 11 - 15

Dear Parents,
Science:  We have begun working in the lab, and the kids are so excited.  This week our vocabulary includes the following:
matter, mass (as opposed to weight), physical properties, volume, length, buoyancy, and temperature.  It helps to use the vocabulary as you chat with your children about class as they are required to recognize, explain, and use these terms in their discussions.  
Writing:  generating "fast & longs"  We are concentrating on getting words on a page, which is particularly challenging for entry-level third grade.  They generally tend to feel that drawing a picture is synonymous with writing.  We practice fast and longs in class and it is very challenging for them to make this transition.  

An unexpected holiday....

 Dear Parents,
Well, we've gotten an unexpected holiday as we were settling into our classroom routines.  We know you'll be glad to hear that the children were all doing well with the 3-way switch, which is exciting.  It is a mini barometer for how they'll adapt as our year advances!  
We'll wait to hear news from the district as it's developing.  Because of this our pace will be quite rigorous when we return as we will fully dive into third grade work.  This is a challenging year and our third grade team feels the stress of not losing any days.  
Take care of your family.  Enjoy the time and laugh a lot!  Be safe.
Many blessings,
Carrie, Meredith, and Angie

First Day Success......

 Dear Parents,
Well, we had a successful first day in third grade (yea!).  Mr. Aston, our principal, often tells his teachers that he considers the first day successful if everyone is fed and everyone makes it home.  Of course, he is teasing, but it is a cute way to look at the chaos that can be our world in elementary.  I do want you to know that your children are sweet, precious people and I am expecting a really great year.  
I do need you to note our "specials" rotation schedule.  Each M-W-F we will have P.E., so art and music are on T - TH.  The children will always need tennis shoes/sneakers on MWF.  
As you begin to have questions, please feel free to phone or email.  It is true that email is a bit easier as I usually only answer the phone when the children are out of the room. 
I hope you have a great evening, and I KNOW they'll be tired for you tonight at bedtime.

A Fond Farewell to Third Grade....

Dear Parents,
Well, our day is spent, and I trust that your precious children are super-excited as they eagerly await summer adventures.  Each year brings its own set of victories and challenges, but this year is a paradox - equally beautiful and poignant.  I have loved these children.  Many of them Mrs. Holmes and I had the privilege of teaching for two consecutive years, and the pain of today took my breath away as I told them good bye.
When we began third, it seemed that we would never meet the expectations that the grade demands, but these past weeks we have been amazed at how far they've come and how much their thinking has matured. They are genuinely kind toward each other and they seem to have developed an appreciation for taking pride in something that is challenging. I surely hope they can take that with them.  
I know that third grade can be frustrating as children's scores tend to dip in direct correlation to the increase in rigor and pace.  Please know that we loved sharing the moments together in spite of the challenging work.  Please be confident that they were good to others and received good from others.  Our little learning community became a place of work - yes!, but solace and friendship, too.  Please be reminded that these are quality individuals, and I am honored to have shared the third grade journey with them.  
Your Forever Friend, 
Mrs. Ray